Just For Starters...

Just some pictures of Eric. I know they've all been on here before, but now they are in one convenient location.Please feel free to post more pics. My favorites are the one with the pipe and the piano.

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Lvndr HppE: Me likey the one where he sticks his tongue out. Meow!

Alainainthesky: That first one is adorable & one I haven't seen!
Thanks for the share!

Paute: Here you have many pics!

and with a melon!


mo: Many great pics here.:)

mrsCutout: Oh dear he is so so cute! lOve him!great pics!

thewastelandr: All lovely photos!

the_thina: christ... he really looks like a guy I know sometimes. other times not at all, but in some of these pics its a bit scary