Keef Moonie

65 years ago, one of the greatest rock and roll drummers to ever exist was born, and 33 years ago, he was taken from us. Ooo, I sounded so philosophical there :)

Anyway, this has nothing to do with Python, so you can ignore it if you want, I just thought Moonie should get some recognition :)

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Here Comes Another One: Aha, I hadn't been on here for days and then I came on and saw this! These pics made my day! Most awesome drummer of all time; talented, quaint, mad, hilarious, beautiful-eyed man.

Oh yeah, and he reminds me of Peter Cook a bit, too. Sort of like a cross between Pete and Dud, actually!

a_nervous_wreck at 6:48 am August 31

That he is, that he is Beautiful man, terrible loss.
He always looked a bit like Peter Cook to me when he was younger...maybe that's just me though.

a_nervous_wreck at 11:37 am August 24

No its not just you, I thought that to the first time I saw him :) at 6:05 am August 25

This is why I'm married to your brain.

a_nervous_wreck at 10:38 am August 25

And this is why I'm married to yours :)