For Kisch

Look who wants to celebrate with you :)

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TheSister91: my best wishes Kisch!! sorry but I completely forgot about it! :(

mrsCutout: HAPPY BIRTHDAY kischy! I wish you the best in your life!!!!!!!!!

Lady April: That pic is great!!!! Awesome ;-D

arkennedy at 2:15 pm November 17

Thanks :)


Happy B Day, my dear!!

the_thina: can you post the non-edited picture arky? never seen that one before

arkennedy at 2:09 pm November 17

Here's the unedited photo.

the_thina at 10:50 pm November 17


kisch: LOLOL Arky, dear, this is so SWEET:))))
I'm not a great fan of whisky, but I'd accept this Michael's invitation for a drink !
Thank you !:)

arkennedy at 2:17 pm November 17

You're welcome :) and glad you like it.