Know what? I like Meaning of Life

Yea... I'm bored so I've posted some pictures from what I call the 3 actual movies lol.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail... love the movie... Sir Galahad is totally my favorite. So damn adorable! It's a brilliant movie... low budget and all the same castle... all a learning curve yet so amazing and thats to Terry G so visually beautiful. This and MoL are at a war with each other for favorite spot...

Monty Python's Life of Brain... my least favorite of the 3 real movies... it's growing on me but as a whole still least. Why? Well.. I just wanna give poor Brian a hug. And there's to much of an ACTUAL plot... yet I still love it. My favorite scenes are the ex-leper (obvious half naked Palin reasons) Stan/Loretta (Eric does that amazingly) and Always look on the Bright Side (best song ever... and shirtless Eric)

Monty Python's Meaning of Life... love it to death. It's, like I said, in a fight for favorite. It would be my favorite, but unlike Holy Grail there is parts I don't care for as much. (hard to explain... but I can't choose a favorite scene in Holy Grail... I can in this)
My Favorite scenes are... Every Sperm is Sacred (best song ever... and Mike is good at singing) Organ Donar (I can't look at my drivers liscense anymore cause I'm a donar) and Galaxy Song (another best song ever... and strangly I think Eric is hot in that costume lol)

There... reasll radnom... But I'm wasting time before I have to go to work lol Which is now... sadely...


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the_thina: hey, you forgot about "and now for something completely different"
Iknow, it dont feel much like a propper movie, but it is

WolfSpirit at 12:16 pm December 17

I didn't forget it. I don't even count it. These three are the three actual movies in my eyes. ANFSCD" Wasn't really a movie. They had no control and it was just a bunch of their skits redone so US college kids could see it. lol So I say Meh to it lol Of course I know they're still funny in it but thats cause they're always hot... erm.. I mean funny...

the_thina at 12:24 pm December 17

yeah I know.. I got it at christmas when I was about 14, but just a few years ago I realised it was a movie and not just a bunch of things from the series collected. or that is what it is, but didnt know it was shot like a movie if you understand what I mean.

WolfSpirit at 2:34 pm December 17

I understand what you mean lol. A collection of their sketchs meant to be shot like a movie lol. I've not even seen it yet. I plan to but not in a rush. lol I'm still qwll content with the other things... but still will need to see it soon lol Apperently there's a point where Eric starts to corpse. Which is always funnier then the sketch's themselves lol

the_thina at 5:03 pm December 17

oh you havent seen it? it is the same sketches but somewhat different. for example this is what gray was doing when he hears john in the dirty hungerian phrasebook. then he runs to the road and puches someone off his bike and rides away on it. LOL. dont remember where eric was giggeling though

The Ex-Leper at 5:51 pm December 17

he actually punches an old lady off of her bike if I recall correctly XD

the_thina at 6:15 pm December 17

haha, even better! just the way a real cop should be behaving! XD

The Ex-Leper at 3:10 pm December 17

I own it : )

mrsCutout: Oh they are all so great i love them all!I think my fav though it's their best and it was an actual movie with proper budget one director a continuing plot and the first python film i ever saw!it will always be in my heart!but as gilly (or jonsey?)says in the M.oL the performances of our boys were outstanding! and the holly grail is simply bwilliant!

The Ex-Leper at 5:23 pm December 12

yes Brian is my favorite of their movies as well because it was such a smart movie what with all the satire... I love the stoning scene and biggus dickus the best...but on the subjectof MoL, i suspect my dad has gotten it for me as a christmas present bc today he was shopping and he called and asked me if I had it and I said no so... I am Excited!

Hanri: I have the same thing, Holy Grail and MoL are fighting for my favoritism. But I know the fact that Holy Grail is the most important for me, since it's the first purely Python I've ever seen. Since I was so 'igh, just a wee lil' thing. :)

thewastelandr at 12:37 pm December 14

I also saw Holy Grail first of all the Python I can remember. My brother and I were probably 8-10 years old when we saw it, and we did the coconut horse walk for weeks!

WolfSpirit at 10:54 am December 14

Gooood goood lol. I just watched MoL last night. It's great lol.
Though not the first Python thing. I remember some channel, probably a&e or something, was playing the show and I liked it with that. then they advertised the dvd set and my dad got it. One a month. Always fun to get it in the mail.

(Speaking of adverts.... 'Tiger brand coffee is a real treat. Even tigers prefer a cup of it to real meat') lol sorry couldn't resist.

The Ex-Leper at 2:19 pm December 14

yes i accidently watched flying circus one night and I was so appaled at the insanity and amazingness of it that i ended up watching the whole thing and every week after that and then pbs quit showing it and it wasnt until later that I saw the Holy Grail and rented it and then it was all super obsession from there

WolfSpirit at 2:35 pm December 14

lol yep. I've only become obssesed recently... when IFC had the Almost the Truth. It also had Holy Grail which I watched. And from there i've gotten obsessed though I've liked python for over half my life lol.
I remember when i first saw holy grail it was only a couple years ago. and LoB and MoL was only ever since the IFC marathon things

The Ex-Leper at 2:43 pm December 14

i can pretty much quote the entirety of the holy grail adn it is very hard to stop me once I get going and I get on all of my friends' nerves but I love doing that! lol

WolfSpirit at 2:48 pm December 14

lol me to... i've really good at quoting holy grail and meaning of life. lol. and many of the actual sketches. it gets on my dad's nerves... my friend i do all the ranting to is used to it though lol It's funny listening to our phone conversations. There's tons of inside jokes witch would confuse the hell outta others. Then she's over there talking about football and things like that and here i am all on monty python and it seems we're talking about two totally different things yet somehow we have an underlying conversation that makes sense to us lol

thewastelandr at 3:23 pm December 14

My dad also gets annoyed at me because I know Python better than he does, and he was a teen when they first came out! Monty Python transcends generations!

The Ex-Leper at 5:06 pm December 14

yes I love quoting all things python but all of my friends i think have come to hate it when I do because they know what I am talking about but are not huge fans like myself and often forget things so to them it just sounds stupid and meaningless and sometimes I feel really alone because I don't know any other obsessees in person and it is often annoying to say a quote and nobody answer you with the next line... : ( : ) and also my friends do comment that I am obsessed with the pythons in not-so-nice ways

WolfSpirit at 1:44 pm December 16

lol my friend is fine with my obsession and if very proud that It's like.. the first and only thing that I actually like a slash pairing lol
But yes... it's sad cause she knows VERY little Python sketchs.... only really knows Holy Grail.
I mean the oter day we were talking about getting arrested and playing dumb... and I was like "I'll have to just act like a Gumby" and she had no idea what i meant to I had to tell her "Ok... go on youtube and look up Gumby Brain Surgeon" lol

The Ex-Leper at 2:20 pm December 16

yes whenever I sillywalk nobody knows what I am talking about I don't know how many times I have had to tell someone "go on youtube and look up monty python's the ministry of silly walks" and the nusually they are like "waht's monty python" and then I drop a 16 ton weight on their head

WolfSpirit at 9:23 pm December 16

LOLOL! I wish I had a 16 ton weight but I'm saving up for one. As well as a tiger to eat those who attack me with fruit.

I seriously think we'd get along well lol I can imagine... two people silly walking down the street... or pass each other and nod to each other. and everyone else would be like "WTF?" lol

Still.... I AM Making my friend run around behind me with the coconuts... and another as my personal Sir Robin style minstrel lol

The Ex-Leper at 3:13 pm December 17

I am planning on buying a coconut sometime when I can find one in east tennessee (lol) but be sure to not use a tiger when being attacked with a peach because "the tiger, however does not relish the peach! The peach assailant should be attacked with a crocodile!" XD LOLOL my favorite sketch of all time! I need to buy myself some minstrels now that I think about