Late Late Show interview with Michael

Just a portion of the show (?) where Michael talks about his mum being on SNL and his sister's death... If anyone has the entire interview or knows where it could be seen, it would be greatly appreciated!

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upperclasstwit: My Brother killed himself in 91' ( he was catholic) and I remember ( I was only 15 at the time) they had to fight just to find a church that would do his service!!!!

mrsCutout: OH wow!thanks so much for sharing!He did well he kept celebrating Angela..the church discounts poeple who commit suicide and that is not right!

Lady April at 9:22 am December 07

The Church discounts a lot of things. More than half of the rules of human conduct were originally dictated by the Church, in fact all which is considered "taboo" in life was dictated by the bloody Church.

Tini: Thanks for sharing this! And this with his sister's death is really sad. I didn't know that she actually killed herself.

Lady April: Wow! I haven't seen this before or ever heard Michael speak of Angela's death. I like how he chose to celebrate her despite her manner of death. With suicides it doesn't happen that way in the aftermath. People automatically discount them rather than give any benefit of doubt whatever. It really does suck!

housepet1 at 7:34 am December 07

You're welcome guys! Nice to see everyone sharing my own opinion on the matter in which a person's life should be celebrated, no matter how the end came...
I was astounded at how well Michael handled this question (or that the question was asked at all). It's not often someone is asked to discuss something privately tragic like this on TV...

Lady April at 9:20 am December 07

If it was so privately tragic like you say he probably would not have put it in print. I am reading the new Diaries but not to that point in the book yet. He had to know someone along the line would ask about Angela. I think that it provided some closure for him to put it in print knowing that at some points he must talk about it.

housepet1 at 10:54 am December 07

What I meant was that the media tries to stay away from asking questions about these private tragedies. Michael has been on every show under the sun and all they ask about is his ailments described in the book. Playing it safe... Of course I knew he put it in the book, but expected that at least one of the hosts of the show would ask questions about this issue...

kisch at 11:47 am December 07

I would disagree ! The media are never try to stay away from discussing private lives of the so called "stars". The media are always at the very front and vry depth of it ! Michael is just lucky that he doesn't seem to have a lot of scandalous stuff going oon in his private lives. But when they found about his sister's suicide, they jumped on it immediately - almost every interview about HtH he's done contained a question about that.
He's well-prepared for that and he deals with all that most gracefully.
*sigh* Such a great person.

housepet1 at 11:56 am December 07

Hmmm, maybe I haven't seen enough shows with him talking about it. It seems every interview I see is only willing to discuss his piles and other ailments. This is the first one I saw that asked this question...

Lady April at 11:00 am December 07

I don't think any question comes as a surprise on the air though. I believe they go through questions with the guest before hand.

housepet1 at 11:05 am December 07

It came as surprise to me :)

Lady April at 11:30 am December 07


The Ex-Leper: I think it might be on youtube I'm not stupid computer isn't letting me watch it on here but there is something on youtube with michael on the Late Late Show like back in the seventies or eighties im not sure so that might be it

housepet1 at 5:31 pm December 06

This is very recent, from the "Halfway to Hollywood" tour. I'm sure the rest of the interview is out there, I just couldn't find it on YouTube. Thanks anyway! :-)

The Ex-Leper at 5:34 pm December 06

wait was he on The Late Late Show with Craig Fergusen? or was it a different late late show?

housepet1 at 5:36 pm December 06

It's different that Craig. It must be one of the British shows... There are tons of snippets on the tuber from this show, but not this particular interview.. :-(