Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Ok... Late night with Jimmy Falon... rather old but I'm just getting to watching it now... if you haven't seen it you should.

Cause I'm in tears... John throws all the water out of his full cup onto Terry J.
Then another full cup of water onto Eric.... then Eric and Terry J. dump 3 cups of water on John.

I'm in tears... totally in tears lol I think it's one of the funniest things I've seen all week.


((PS... the picture is just the first I clicked on in my Python folder lol))

((PSS... Seriously... How it is possible that Eric still has hot/good hair?! I mean really now!))

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thewastelandr: Does anyone have a link to the interview?? Is it on YouTube?

The Ex-Leper at 4:02 pm December 13

the whole episode is on hulu here:

Lady April at 12:03 pm December 13

Isn't it still in the hq section on Pythonline here on the left?

thewastelandr at 12:31 pm December 13

Oh awesome!!! Thanks, April!

Lady April at 8:45 am December 14

Hey no prob!!!!! They have had a number of tv appearances late this year and funneh that only the Jimmy Fallon one has been posted on P-line. I wish they would post em all!

thewastelandr at 1:10 pm December 14

Yeah seriously! Youtube is great for short clips but doesn't always have the full-length interviews and such.

thewastelandr at 12:54 pm December 13

That was so funny! Did they ever actually do an interview or was that it? Love them!

The Ex-Leper: and John throws a chair in the corner so that they are one short of charis and everyone keeps switching seats and there is utter chaos!!! XD

WolfSpirit at 1:16 pm December 12

lol that part was hilarious... For the not quite so Python bit though... with the wheel of carpet samples... that one guy 'name all the things you can in 3 seconds... go' 'eeermmm... toasters... uhhh' The way John is totally and completly cracking up about that is hilarious and adorable lol.

The Ex-Leper at 2:16 pm December 12

oh I remember that! I love it when John is really trying to keep from laughing hysterically or when he is really laughing hysterically it is so adorable...I also love how whenever the pythons are all together for some talk show and the person interviewing asks a question and they all start talking at once and there is that awkwardness for the interviewer XD

WolfSpirit at 2:46 pm December 12

lol I know. Whenever any of them crack up it's adorable. lol. Like in this one thing I saw on youtube... Mike trying to put up a miscito net and he's gigglingly hysterically cause he is having so much trouble lol. But yea... in this show I was laughing hardest with that carpet bit at JOHN laughing lol. Interveiwers are never ready, it seems, for when the Pythons get together lol. They probably have like...scripts amongst themselves of things to do when they have to do some Python interveiw lol

The Ex-Leper at 5:24 pm December 12

oh I saw that with Michael and the net! he is so cute when he has the giggles!

WolfSpirit at 10:44 am December 14

I know. It was adorable. And it made me feel good about myself. If he, a well aged grown adult who travels for a living, cannot work a misquito net then I feel better about MY shortcomings lol I agree with Holly. I watched it like a bunch of times in a row lol

Holly at 8:12 pm December 12

I watched that clip 3 times in a row, he is adorable when he laughs.