Lets' post here the pictures from BAFTA event last night !

Let's post all the pic in one thread so there'll be no double or triple post of the same pic.
GettyImages already got a wonderful selection:)

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Mrs Conclusion: Thanks for the link, great photos x

the_thina: hmmm, what is terry j doing? dancing? has he seen the captain morgan-comercial? I wonder I wonder

crzyltvn at 10:17 am October 16

I think he has a little bit of captain in him. :)

the_thina at 10:45 am October 16

so do I. :)

WackyQueen at 12:03 pm October 18

I think its called "The Welsh Jig". xD

BroMaynardG: John looks a bit truncated!

However, posting all in one (as Replies containing your favorite pic) seems logical.

Something that WE would do in the PythoNavy!

Johnnyrose: How can we do that?

CamelSpotter: Looks great, thanks!