A Liar's Quest

I made the rounds of the local bookstores looking for A Liar's Autobiography and couldn't find it. Instead, I found Graham Crackers and an old, intact, and unmarked copy of The Brand New Monty Python Papperbok. It struck me because when I opened it up, I found that nearly every page looks different.

Very silly, indeed.

The thing that I'm wondering about, though, is whose fingerprints are on the Papperbok? Is that somewhere in Python trivia?

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sit-on-my-face: I know, I've been looking for graham's book for months and haven't been able to find it!! Is the brand new bok expensive??

Romanes Eunt Domus at 3:38 pm January 13

I found it for $18, probably because it was intact and somewhat old, though it did have a small tear and a few wrinkles on the cover (the fingerprints were, I found, intentional). I was happy enough to get it for that because I was giving business to a local store and if I left it, I probably would have forgotten about it.

I've seen some used copies on Amazon for as little as $2.30 + shipping; these are some of the older ones, though if you got it used online, you'd have to make sure it has all its parts. Wikipedia has a list of all the things in the original Bok, which says the Papperbok's exactly the same, only no "Tits and Bums" page.


There are all those little bits and inserts that are begging to be torn out; it reminds me of the The Who by Numbers album; connecting the dots on that is almost irresistable.