Life Of Brian - 1979 Debate

I recently watched the 1979 debate about Life Of Brian. Due to the hilarious things said by the Christians, I decided to send them e-mails to continue the debate and get some comical material from it. Unfortunately, both of them are dead. Therefore I want to know if there exist any known person that had the same opinions as them (I doubt it) so that I can laugh at how they try to argue in an e-mail debate.

The debate, split into 4 parts, is shown in the below links:

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ludrah: Adding to my post, I just found out that Monty Python made a parody sketch of the debate. Link:

ludrah: I agree with most of your comment, PythonDJgirl. Like most other people (their theory too), you seem to understand that the film isn't about Jesus.
I was hoping to be able to ridicule someone for not understanding that. But, it seems like the only two people who didn't already died.

PythonDJgirl at 8:09 pm November 13

It took me a while to understand the movie haha but I'm there

PythonDJgirl: I'm a Christian, and I thought the boys were right every step of the way. The film wasn't poking fun at Jesus, in fact he was there giving the Sermon on the Mound in the correct way. The boys did their homework, it's just sometimes religious officials miss the point.

So as a Christian, fully believing in the Big Guy Upstairs, I say the religious side lost the argument...and the plot.

I bet Jesus would like the movie. And since he's such a righteous dude, help Brian out. :)

This is my theory...which is mine.