Life of Brian - The ten most controversial films in cinema

Life of Brian appears alongside the likes of The Exorcist, Last Tango in Paris, A Clockwork Orange and Last House on the Left for a place in the Telegraph's top 10 controversial films in cinema...

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Lvndr HppE: lol. " In 2009 the Welsh town of Aberystwyth lifted their thirty year ban after Sue Jones-Davies, who played Judith Iscariot in the film, became mayor." So, that's what it takes to lift a movie ban. Become mayor!

kissmyarrrtichoke: I think The Exorcist and Antichrist were also for religious reasons, but mainly I guess shock value, but LOB is definately the only comedy. And the best of the bunch.

thewastelandr at 12:25 pm February 22

Ok yes, agreed. I should modify what I said - LOB is the only one that was banned for PURELY religious reasons. I think Exorcist had the violence/super creepy factor too.

the_thina at 12:03 pm February 22

to me clockwork orange is a comedy as well. a very black one, but a comedy

thewastelandr: That is an interesting list! I haven't seen many of the other films, but Life of Brian seems to be the only one on there for religious reasons.