listening to this record right now

:D I got a record player over Christmas:)
do any of you have any Python Vinyls? :D

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madasawetsporran: Gave my vinyls to mine eldest & her hubby but have all the MP recordings on audio cassette somewhere in the attic next to the picture of me & Dorian Grey :)

Johnnyrose: Great record, MontyPythonrocks18!!
Unfortunately I don´t have any Python record... but still looking for them...

the_thina: yep I do. I have instant record collection on vinyl and the rwt-record (wich mostly is just neils songs) as well

mrsCutout: WOWOWOWOW you lucky lucky bastard! This is brilliant! Never seen this or heard of this!Tis good???? Unfortunately where I bloody live you can't get any of that stuff :(

kisch: I have a CD of this, but not vinyl, unfortunately! I'd love to, although I'd prefer Another Monty Python Record (THE best record sleeve ever!!!).
Enjoy yours:)!

Here Comes Another One: My dad has that one! It was one of my first Python experiences. I'll be sentimentally attached to it forever.

a_nervous_wreck: My mom has a whole chest of vinyls around here somewhere, but I don't think there's any MP in there. There's a lot of Beatles, but no Pythons. :'(

Hanri: Oh I WISH! I have some vinyls at my parent's house, and I totally forgot to bring them with me after Christmas now that I finally too have a record player, but none of them are Python.... I do have a Pink Floyd record, yay. :)

I forgot to bring a lot of stuff with me from my parent's house. Seems like I need to take a trip North soon. Eeexcellent....... (seriously, it's good)