Lithgow is no John Cleese


Tony Award-winning actor John Lithgow is busy these nights in a one-man show, Stories by Heart, at the Mark Taper Forum. This morning he was at the A&I Photographic Services counter in Hollywood when the clerk mistook him — out loud — for the actor John Cleese. Apparently the whole room (which had been trying to stay discreetly silent about his presence) howled in disbelief. That's OK, Lithgow reassured the chagrined clerk: "I get that all the time."

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Monty Petra: well, they both have a big chin, but other than that, they're not that similar..

Holly: wow, how very awkward for him. Maybe its because they have the same 1st name.

Lvndr HppE at 9:25 pm January 09

Not really. Otherwise people would confuse him with Johnny Depp. lol.

Holly at 3:25 pm January 10

lol, true

TheSister91: sorry, who's the man on the right??

the_thina at 9:23 am January 08

ever seen third rock from the sun? thats the most famous thing he has been in I think...

Holly at 7:53 pm January 08

He was the Trinity Killer on Dextor, and he was in Footloose, Harry and the Hendersons, and Santa Claus with Dudley Moore.

the_thina at 6:35 am January 09

oh, footloose you say´? well, only seen half of it once, but still, for those who where around and old enough in the 80s I hear its a big one

Holly at 3:26 pm January 10

yup, he was the preacher who banned music & dancing.

the_thina at 4:40 pm January 11

well, the only thing I remember from that movie is kevin bacon. haha

Holly at 7:54 pm January 08

ooh, and he was in Buckaroo Bonzai.

the_thina: hmmm. dont think he looks at all like john. and he certanly dont SOUND like him. our eyes can play tricks on us, but our ears dont, and sometimes when I watch a movie I will recognize the voice before I recognize the face

Johnnyrose at 5:46 am January 08

... wrll... they both are... tall...

the_thina at 9:24 am January 08

yeah, but it stops there

Lvndr HppE: lol. I never noticed that there is a slight resemblance.