Lol Killed poor guys brain

So... there's this kid at work... 17 or 18. Mexican... never even heard of Monty Python before.

Some months ago we were talking because I was quoting Meaning of Life... got around to he should rent it.

He forgot about it apperently. But just a few days ago I was sad becuase Borders in the mall where I work is closing and had a huge sale but no Monty Python books left. He mentioned that that was the name of that movie I said he should see. And he still needs to rent it.

A few moments later I was like "Now I wanna go see that again when I get home."

And so he was like "Hey you have it? let me borrow it then."

So I told him I had all 3 and he was like 'let me borrow them'

SO I let him borrow Holy Grail... he's gonna watch it tonight I guess.

But he's a typical 17 yr old Mexican boy whos never heard of Python.

So I've probably killed his brain cause he's going to be SO fricking confused lol I can imagin him going "what the hell.... What the Fuck!?" ever 2 minutes lol

But thats ok.. now he'll know what I always quote and everything lol

I dunno if I'll let him watch Life of Brian... don't wanna deal with him maybe being religously offended...

And then Meaning of Life... if his mind is up for it lol. Since the 3 movies are similar yet different.

opps... sorry... killed a young kids brain lo. thats ok though lol I haven't done it in a long time lol

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Lvndr HppE: I dunno about not letting him watch Life of Brian, due to his being "religiously offended". I'm a Christian who loves Life of Brian. He just has to take it with a grain of salt. Remember that there actually were others during that time, claiming to be the Messiah, and many thought that the Messiah was going to overthrow the Roman government. Sooo, this movie is very historically accurate.