look at this!

ok, had made an order to a sight that sells dvds, cds and merchendice about one year ago.
after 30 days they sent me a mail, saying the product was out of stock at their delivery-company, and wonderd if I wanted my money back or keep waiting. I wanted to keep waiting. and nothing happened.
last week I sent them a mail asking what happened, if I was gonna get it or not.
turns out they had made a new print but somewhere on the way it was forgotten that I had ordered and payed for it. so I got a code to put in with my next purchase, the sum matching what I had payed for the dvd (wich also is python-related, sir henry) and the movie was gonna be sent to me without me having to pay for it.
so I went hunting down something I could get for free and found this lovely lovely t-shirt! yay! :D

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mrsCutout: Haha yes I've seen this! It's lovely! It has so many stuff of python especialy on t-shirts! I'd love to buy one of these!!!!

the_thina at 7:56 am July 30

I kinda doubt youve been to the sight that gave me this shirt since its a swedish company. you may have seen the shirt, but not there. ;P

mrsCutout at 4:48 pm July 30

No no I saw it on amazon the other day!

the_thina at 6:01 am July 31

aaah ok. I got mine from www.megastore.se and dont think you woud understand that site. XD amazon wont ship to sweden, so I would be fucked if I tried to order anything there..

A. Lupin: :D yay! What a lovely t-shirt it is! I've been t-shirt hunting on cafepress for a python shirt but there are just too many hilarious ones to choose from. that's great that you got your stuff!