look i got half way to hollywood signed 2 days back

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larissa: does anyone know whether or not he'll be coming to the U.S. at any point to sign copies of the book?

flopsy_mrs at 5:10 am October 24

as far as i know it is not planed for the moment to go to usa but you never know

WackyQueen: awesome! :D

flopsy_mrs at 5:09 am October 24

that is why i thought well why not share it with other python looneys xd oh i'm so happy with it xd

mrsCutout: OH I'm soooo jealous!The man of my dreams! Hey what did lancaster bommer do?

flopsy_mrs at 2:21 pm October 23

cause i don't live in uk and it was school time so i couldn't travel to uk he went for the autograph :) and send it to me :) you c ????

mrsCutout at 4:17 am October 24

Oh that's great! So you had the book already huh?Well if that isn't awesom!! :D

jupiterblue: OMG THAT'S SO AWESOME!!!

flopsy_mrs at 12:01 pm October 23

i know :) i feel so lucky :) thanks to lancaster bommer :)