Look what I just found....

I was searching for John Cleese images on Pic search http://www.picsearch.com/ and I found this image.

Here is the website I found it on: http://www.vayacine.com/tag/john-cleese

And here is what the website had to say:

Si hace poco otro ex-Monty Phyton estaba de actualidad, ahora ha sido John Cleese el que la ha liado y de verdad. El gracioso de Cleese ha querido hacer un chiste negro sobre un tranquilo pueblo de Nueva Zelanda, Palmerston North, que no ha hecho mucha gracia a sus habitantes. Cleese dijo que: ” Si quieres suicidarte, pero te falta valor, lo mejor es que te vayas a Palmerston North“. Como respuesta a esta deshonra, los habitantes de este apacible pueblo han decidido inaugurar un vertedero con el nombre del actor. Cleese se ha tomado con un humor la iniciativa y ha asegurado que irá a la inauguración. Dudo que lo inviten.

Could someone please translate this?

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the_thina: oh arky, I know this is very off topic, but have to ask. your avatar! I love it and I see its spikey norman between neil and connie, but what is it between connie and carol?

arkennedy at 11:17 am February 15

Have you seen Gilliam's Killer Cars cartoon? What's between Connie and Carol is the Killer Cat from that cartoon.

Btw: Thanks :) I'm glad you like my avatar.

the_thina at 11:27 am February 15

oh yes of course I have seen that one. :) and the killer cat is one of my gilly-favourites, along with the cursed frogs. :)

Lvndr HppE: Okay, I just used some sort of online Spanish to English translator. This is what I got.
"If you just another ex-Monty Python was current, now John Cleese has been which has bundled and truth. The funny Cleese wanted to make a black joke on a quiet town in New Zealand, Palmerston North, who has done a lot of grace to his people. Cleese said: "If you kill yourself, but you lack the courage, it is best you go to Palmerston North. In response to this disgrace, the inhabitants of this peaceful village have decided to open a landfill in the name of the actor. Cleese has taken the initiative with humor and has said he is attending the inauguration. I doubt you invite." This is really a horrible translation, but I think you get the gist of it.

arkennedy at 11:17 am February 15

Thanks for the translation :) I've been wondering what it says.

Lvndr HppE: Mount Cleese! Let me tell you, I'd like to mount cleese. Know what I mean? Know what I mean? Nudge, nudge?

thewastelandr at 9:07 am February 15

Ahahaha... oh we know!

thewastelandr: It looks like there is a pile of trash behind it??

arkennedy at 9:48 pm February 01

Sorry about the trash in the photo. I didn't notice that when I found the pic. I was focusing on the sign. I just thought it was interesting that a mountain was named after John Cleese.

thewastelandr at 9:49 pm February 01

Oh yes the sign is great! I was just wondering if it is a mountain of trash? lol. Somehow it would be fitting. John would find it funny!

Kasmira at 10:42 am February 02

Yeah, the Cleese mountain of trash... xD In this culminating all the appreciation...(NOT.)

thewastelandr at 11:01 am February 02

Ahaha... I think he would like that.

Kasmira at 11:23 am February 02

Yes, he would get much giggles from that. :D


It´s close of the two Kilimanjaro´s summits. My idea i´m afraid.