Looking back with 20-20 hindsight

Well, dear PythOnline and Python Army members, it has come to my knowledge that it's been two years on the dot that I've been enlisted on the "Pyyttonilinja" site as I keep calling it to my offline Finnish friends. A lot has happened and much has changed since then. Much to the better. Concidering that two years ago when I found that the site exsisted I was greeted by a message that went somewhat like "PythOnline.com is being under construction, if you wish to become a member, sign up here!" So I signed up, and a few weeks later I got an email, that the site is up and running. Daily Llama the front page was called then, and the first big thing I remember going on on the site was good ole RutleMania.

I had just started a new job in central Finland that was supposed to last 9 months, but streched for another 2 months. Getting used to a new town, a new real job and let's face it, a new sort of life style - none of that student stuff or waiting for Mom to cook dinner - I suddenly had all the time in the world to get to know this PythOnline thingie. Like many of the "older" members here, the first contact on the friends network list was RSMBiggles, may his soul rest in peace. When I finally got my own PROPER pc up and running, I had the guts to download MashCast, and through that Biggs and I got to know each other. And he helped a lot around the old MashCast, and once I got the idea, I was hooked on the feeling of learning constantly new stuff that looked good. MC has gone through a lot of changes and updates since then. And before too, I'm sure. And I'm still hooked.

It took a while for me to get the courage to start commenting on the forums and threads (I give y'all a tip of mah hat that have started commenting right away!). 'Cause basically, I was a downright newbie when it comes to fansite activity. Feels wierd, when I think about it: two years ago I was a shy little nyyppä (noob) who actually knew quite little of Python but had fallen in love with it since early childhood and now you guys have given me this position of trust of continuing the work of the first Regimental Sergeant Major of the Python Army. How did that happen? Since two years in one person's life is NOT what you call a very long time.

Good Lord, I'm babbling like I'd been here forever! End of sobby memoirs, time to get back to your business. Go Python Army!

Yours with a respecting and ever thankful salute,
Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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Lady and Laird Candermine:

Happy 2 years to you in here .... I like what you have shared with us here. I'm glad that you have become comfortable and grow in your ability to shine!!! Shine on!!!! :)

Lady and Laird Candermine at 10:48 pm December 11

That's grown ... not grow... is there an edit button somewhere???? :) excuse please it's late...

Lady April: Oh Hannah dear!!!!! Happy Happy 2 years Sir! uhh.. Ma'am! Yes Ma'am!

MontyPython93: 2 years?? :O Wow :D Hopefully we'll get 2 ((and many many more)) more years!!! <3



Hanri at 10:09 am December 06

What? With a herring?! :D Heheheheheh!

mrsCutout: Great pick indeed!!!!go RsM Hanrii!!!!!

Johnnyrose: ... and I love you picture, by the way. Whith a Sargeant like you I would got to war very happy!


Hummm... 2 Years, hey??? Well, that calls for a celebration... and a gift...no, wait, two gifts, as Cristmas is arriving...
...but you must promiss me only to open them at Christmas... deall??

Hanri at 3:24 pm December 05

T..two? Johnny, come on!

Johnnyrose at 4:04 am December 06

...not the two on the picture, of course...

WackyQueen: Wihooo! :D

TheSister91: we love you all Hanri!!! :D forgive me if sometimes I've been rude to you or if I disturbed you with my sensless blah blah about school, boys and whatever else! Long live RSM Hanri!!! may Biggles be your guiding angel!!! O:)