looney riligion goes facebook

ok as some of you knwo i've been having a looney rilgion for a few months now i think we started reqruting in august :) just took a look at 28th august 2009 :) but now we've made a facebook app so anyone who feels him/her self looney enough chek it out and become a member of the looney riligion and try to make the world insane ! :)
look for
the looneyest religion of all looney religions

with lot's of love and SQUACKS flopsy_mrs lancasterbommer irishlooney

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Kasmira: HAHAHAA. Perfect! I'm in! That's completely the right place for me x)

flopsy_mrs at 3:27 am December 16

great :) so you just go to facebook and look for the looneyst riligion of all religions and sign up :) expecting you soon you're complete loonatic ship :) lol

Kasmira at 4:53 am December 16

I proved it, I really am :) Thanks for that great group o/

flopsy_mrs at 5:49 am December 16

hahahaaha welcome :) but be warned there are 2 lloney riligoins on fb only the name i gzave you is myn :) and the looneyst if i may say xd lol

Kasmira at 5:59 am December 16

whaaat? myn? what does it mean?

flopsy_mrs at 6:16 am December 16

it just occured to me i am confusing arent i ??

flopsy_mrs at 6:14 am December 16

and fb is facebook

flopsy_mrs at 6:14 am December 16

well there is also a looney riligion somewhere on fb but that is not the real one it's a rip off :) what is you're account on fb ? so i can add you as friend ?
:) gr

flopsy_mrs at 5:50 am December 16

and who are you on fb so i can add ya as friend :) pleasss :)

mrsCutout: oh yeah it's awesom !!!!

flopsy_mrs at 3:49 pm December 14

thank you i hope menny people will find the benifits of bieng a complete and utter looney :)

thewastelandr: Yay!! Love it, Flopsy!

flopsy_mrs at 3:18 pm December 14

i'm glad you like it so much :)