Losing Your Python Virginity

I've enjoyed reading the odd moments when people talk about how they first got into Python. They're interesting. So I thought we could have a thread for it.

How did you lose your Python virginity? Where did your Python journey begin? Tell all!

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Not that late: It was june 2010, I bought some things on Amazon to see during the summer, and I wanted variety, so I bought some things I had never seen before, like a dvd box set of Monty Python (who I heard were very funny)... I saw all the dvds, I saw them again, and again, and again... meanwhile I bought more dvds, some books, a giant poster and hung it in my room...
Well, by now I need my everyday fix of Python material... If I don't get I get mad, what can I do?

genji at 10:42 am November 26

What poster did you get?

Not that late at 11:01 am November 26

Sorry for the off-topic, but I love it!

TheRealGilliamFan at 3:38 pm November 27

That's awesome!!!

genji at 11:13 am November 26

Haha - I haven't seen that before.

J.Gambolputty at 11:11 am November 26

I love it! Where did you buy it??

TheNicePython at 11:14 am November 26

Totally agree! Nice poster.. I want that poster as well

Not that late at 11:26 am November 26

It's on amazon, but if you google "Everything I know in life Monty Python" you find it in many other sites.
It's cool because it has some of the best quotes, and every time I look at it I read one and smile, a great way to get up!

genji: I don't remember when I lost my virginity. I think I was most probably interfered with as a child because I don't remember a time when I wasn't aware of Python. By the time I watched Life of Brian at around twelve or thirteen years of age I already had the Big Red Book and a few of the albums on cassette tape. The big moments were Life of Brian, the BBC Python night in 1999 celebrating the thirtieth anniversary, discovering my girlfriend was a Pythonhead about four years ago, and then on holiday in the Lake District in September this year: the owner of the house we were staying in had two DVDs. One was (believe it or not) a guide to the native birds of Britain; the other was the six-disc Personal Best set. Having a teenage son we tended not to have too many early morning starts, so I sat outside in the morning sun watching them on my laptop. That led to a bit of a renaissance (Almost The Truth, collector's edition DVDs, re-reading the books, re-watching Flying Circus straight through, and grabbing lots of interviews, extra-Flying Circus sketches and documentaries, etc.). I became interested in their longevity and trying to understand it - I mean, there are very few (but not no) surprises left in Python. It's not just down to the comedy even for someone like me, who doesn't find them sexually attractive. The only conclusion I managed to draw was that they're simply six (seven, eight, whatever) fundamentally decent human beings who, whatever their personal failings, did something quite unselfish, professionally.

mrsCutout at 3:50 pm November 25

Indeed! Loved you story!
Btw I was also only 12 haha!

Not that late at 6:41 am November 26

I like your "revival" story too!

It must be great when you find another Python fan in "the real world"... and even better if that one is your girlfriend/boyfriend! Luckily with internet nobody has to be alone anymore.

And I agree with that last part (about longevity, not sexual attraction...), I feel that even when I like a classic film or old tv show I got the feeling that it's "old" (maybe old it's not the word, but I'm tired and don't want to look it up...), but when you see MPFC you don't notice that, ok, maybe because of the clothes and the haircut... but everything else is fresh! And you love every one of them, not because they were cute or handsome, because professionally they were perfect.

genji at 2:09 pm November 26

Maybe you mean "dated"? Like eighties hairstyles and shoulder pads are dated.

Not that late at 12:56 am November 28

Sure, you always know what I mean, little plum.

J.Gambolputty: It was year one and... No, wait a minute.
It was the year 2010. There was a document called "Monty Python - Almost the truth (lawyers cut)" on TV, and I had started watching it all the way from the first episode, just by an accident when I surfed through channels. I had heard about Monty Python before, but never actually thought about what it was. My parents knew it, but never said anything about it or recommended it to me. (bloody twits..) And what's more, after watching the Flying Circus, I remembered some sketches from my early childhood.

Anyway, the fabulous document told me so much about the members, (who I didn't now, how disgraceful indeed) the Flying Circus and also the Python movies. The document had clips from Flying circus and the other stuff, and I was getting really interested and also laughing so much.
'At last the kind of humour which I myself had. And in english!' I went to youtube to watch Flying Circus' episodes, and that was it. I was permanently hooked. After that, I watched the document's last episodes, and forced my dad to order Monty Python's Flying Circus -The complete boxset from amazon, while I was searching and learning every kind of information from the Pythons that I could find. Couple weeks or so later, I found Pythonline whilst reading Eric Idle -wikipedia page, and for starters only read your threads and messages through before I had the courage to register. Then, I finally did, and here I am ;) . My Python-collection has grown a little bit from the early stages of having only the boxset: I now have Monty Python live at the Hollywood Bowl -DVD, Meaning of Life, and also The Palin diaries, Monty Python live! -book, Holy Grail, Hemingway's Chair (and maebye something else that I'm not aware of(?) is coming for christmas, but I already knew about them 'cause I had to make a spesific list to my parents so that they could buy excatly what I wanted..
By the way, I had a glimpse from Palin's Diaries volume 1, and I loved it. Can't wait to read more.
What else... hum... Well, If you haven't already noticed, my favourite Python is Michael. Graham is in the second place, and the others share the third place in my top three -list.
Nowadays it's wonderful to have this place to talk about Python to someones how really understand what you're trying to say. My friends and family don't get me at all. They're just rolling their eyes when I mention the words "Monty Python" or quote something to them.. Well, it's maybe the fate of all Python-fans; not to be understanded. ;)

Not that late at 6:25 am November 26

Great story! I love it because no matter how old are all the jokes, they are still really funny. And no matter how old you are, or where you come from, you get it... or it gets you, and then you become an addict!

J.Gambolputty at 4:21 am November 27

Exactly ;)

Sgt. Looney: I'd posted this in the silly walks thread a while back, but it's more appropriate here ;)

I discovered Python about (approx.) 5 years ago when I was in form 2. I was OBSESSED with everything related to the sixties, so my uncle bought me a book about the entire decade for my 12th birthday. And there they were...year '69!!!
And I've been hooked ever since. XD

mrsCutout at 3:50 pm November 25

Hahaha good one!

Here Comes Another One: I just realized I hadn't done mine! My first Python-related experience was Neil Innes in Puddle Lane. Then when I was 9 I watched a panto, where everyone sang 'Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life.' Then there was Fawlty Towers, esp the Basil the Rat episode! Then when I was 14 I found an old box of my dad's tapes, & one of them was a compilation of Python. I almost immediately got addicted. My faces were 'Interesting People,' 'Flying Sheep,' and 'Buying A Bed.' Then came my dad's LPs, especially 'Contractual Obligation Album,' and the Holy Grail & Life of Brian records. Then the videos of those films - then a best of Flying Circus video. I started off liking Eric Idle's stuff best, influenced in part by the eye candy factor, but switched loyalties to Michael Palin after seeing 'Spanish Inquisition' and 'Deja Vu.' Then having flogged the available Python stuff to death I went off them for a while in favour of '80s alternative comedy. When I got sick of all that I happened to see series 2 of Flying Circus on DVD & bought it on a whim. I'd never laughed so much! Then about 6 months ago I found a series 4 clip on YouTube that I'd never seen before, & spent hours just watching random Python clips, & being in hysterics. So then I had to get EVERYTHING. And I wanted to talk about Python a lot - so I joined this site ... and there you go! And I still really like Michael Palin. But now I love them all, individually and collectively. I think that my favourite Python is probably Terry Jones, but only by a small margin.

Here Comes Another One at 4:09 am November 25

I meant 'faves,' not 'faces.' damn you automatic correction! :-p

The Ex-Leper: I was sitting in the floor of my parent's room watching TV with my best friend when I flipped over to PBS just in time to see a ragged man in a beard running in fastforward toward the camera and then it said Monty Python's Flying Circus and I had no idea what it was but I watched the entire episode with my friend and after that I watched it whenever it would come on every Saturday night at 10pm on PBS until they sadly stopped airing it :/ after that I rented the Holy Grail then I bought it and then I bought some Flying Circus VHS tapes and the rest of the movies and I am obsessed and have been ever since and am saving up for the entire Flying Circus box set :D

TheRealGilliamFan: Like you, Colonel Daughter and mrsCutout, it was through Gilly for me too. (Well almost). When I was a kid, a cousin of mine had some of the sketches on audio tape and I memorized Argument Clinic from *hearing* it over and over and thought it was funny. But I didn't really get into Python myself until Gilly. It was when I watched some of his movies for the first time, and I watched Holy Grail (I LOVE Patsy). That got me into Monty Python. It's strange too, because I knew of John Cleese also, but I didn't really associate him with Python until I started *seeing* the sketches.

TheRealGilliamFan at 9:28 pm November 24

By the way, GREAT photo choice for this thread HAHA! :D

Here Comes Another One at 12:31 am November 25

Thanks, I was happy with it! It took a couple of goes to get the 'moment of entry,' hahaha!

mrsCutout: So......I already new John Clesse since i was 7 I had seen his docu The Human face and it was something totaly new to me.I mean his sense of humor was amazing and so familiar.Anyway 3 years later I wastched Jonesy's Labirynth so I loved him and later I wacthed Gilly's the Brothers Grimm.That made me think he is the best director of all time.Along with Tim Burton.So one day I was in a store looking for some furniture and they had a book there called"Best Movies of the 70s"and I read it.I read about a movie The Life of Brian and saw the cast of the 2 Terrys and John ,thought it'd be funny to watch a bible parodie so I watched the dvd.Fell in love with Grey.It had a docu the LoB dvd called The Pythons so I learned about MP's FC bought the series did some goodle research found P-line and there I was!! 2 years later I registered in this brilliant web-site! Now I am obsessed with Python!!

the_thina at 11:15 am November 25

gilly and burton are my favourite directors as well! :D but I discovered burton long before gilly. burton in the 80s with beetlejuice and gilly when fear and loathing came out, and when was that, 97, 98?

mrsCutout at 3:29 pm November 25

I new Tim before Gilly.From Nightmare before christmas and Beatlejuice! Plus Johnny's my fave actor!! Ah love them both!!

Here Comes Another One at 3:32 pm November 25

Discovered Gilliam comparatively recently. Am trying to see more of his films. Twelve Monkeys is a real favorite of mine.

mrsCutout at 3:27 pm November 27

Oh yes!iT's an amazing film!it;s actualy the only film I liked Bruce Willies in!!

thewastelandr: I was 8 years old and my dad got Holy Grail on video from the library. We started watching it and I said, "This is so stupid! Do I have to watch the rest?" Then the Black Knight came on and I was hooked...

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: It was the year 2006. A 13 year old girl was shopping in her local town centre, and her father bought her ANFSCD and her mother purchased 'The Best Of' (or was it the other way round? Actually, her dad might have purchased them both, but that's uncertain). But anyway, this little girl got home and played these videos. Her mind was blown away. The sheer awesomeness and stupidity of these two dvds stuck in her mind, and she couldn't stop talking about it. A little later, she purchased her first Python book, part 1 of Palin's diaries (whilst her mum bought Peter Kay's autobio) and how she treasured that book! Soon even her Dad, a Python fan, had gotten sick of her constant reference making and Python Google searches. She had become a Python maniac, all thanks to her father.
The End.

(Thank you Dad for introducing me to this wonderful world of silliness <3)

Colonel Daughter: Thanks to Gilliam! I loved his movies and found out he was in this group... the monty something... so I started watching it from the first episode. Funny thing is that Gilliam is one of my fav. directors everrrrrr, but my fav. pythons are 'king of the loonies' and 'sexy smile'. ;)

the_thina: oh, twas a long time ago, longer now than it seems... oh, sorry, wrong movie.
anyway... I was about 10 years old. just sitting around being bored in front of the telly.
and they said they would show the movie that got religious people all over the world pissed off and that was banned in norway.
I thought "that sounds fun!" and dug out a VHS-tape (yes, Im THAT OLD) to tape it on.
and there it was: life of brian! I began giggeling when john pushed over jonesy, and when jonesey goes "STOP THINKING ABOUT SEX!" I was a python-fan for life. :)

thewastelandr at 9:51 pm November 24

I love how both of our first Python experiences were on VHS!!! Isn't it weird to think back to 'those days'?

the_thina at 11:06 am November 25

haha yeah. and I remember once when me and a few friends had a movienight. and we watched friday the 13th. but the sound was so BAD, we had it on highest level but could only hear the screams, and it was sub-titeld in norweigan (wich is a sibling-language to swedish, so we could understand like 95% of it) but we watched the whole thing. what kid would put up with that these days? hahaha

thewastelandr at 12:53 pm November 26

Hahahah I know!!! It used to be such an ordeal!

mrsCutout at 3:29 pm November 24

Hahaha! Was this form Nightmare before christmas?It does remindme of something....

the_thina at 3:48 pm November 24

...in a place that perhaps youve seen in your derams. for the story you are about to be told took place in the holliday worlds of old. now you probobly wonderd where hollidays come from, if you havent Id say its time you begun!
yep, it was from nightmare before christmas. :)

mrsCutout at 3:31 pm November 25

Aaaahhh! I knew it! Such a magical film!! :D

Tanya_Birklid19: I began at the tender age of maybe 10 or 12. I know I was in middle school and I remember watching this silly thing on PBS and then maybe a year or two later, I rediscovered Python on some website and started watching the sketches on YouTube. Well by then I was madly in love with Python and could not stop there. But that was only the beginning! Then I got 'And Now for Something Completelt Different' and laughed my ass off. That was my first REAL piece of Python. And then from there I got the other three movies, plus the 16 Ton megaset of Flying Circus, plus 'Not the Messiah' and related works (eg 'Brazil'). It hasn't been very long, but I'm 18, in college and still find those old coots hilarious.

TheNicePython: I'm from Denmark and Python is very popular in Denmark, however there are and were other Danish comedy groups and comedians who "stole" the attention. However in my opinion there has never been a funnier or more talented group than Monty Python.. No group can beat them in my world. I think I was about 11-12 years old when I met my first love, Monty Python. I didn't know about Python, but I knew who John Cleese was, because "Fawlty Towers" had been shown on Danish TV and I watched him in "The Jungle Book". Well, I was watching television when my dad came and joined me. I was watching episode 8 of Monty Python's Flying Circus series 1, but I didn't know that at the time. My father said that I should keep watching the programme, because it was the best comedy show ever made. The best comedy programme? Wow, I just had to watch it. Then they came to the Parrot Sketch. I had just started to learn English, so I couldn't understand it all, but then John Cleese shouts "Hullo Polly!!!" *bashing the parrot* and I just laughed. The way he shouted "Hullo Polly!!" and bashing the parrot up and down.. It was so weird, but enormous fun at the same time.. I loved it. Simply loved it. Now I'm 24 and my love for Monty Python still remains the same...

mrsCutout at 3:29 pm November 24

Lucky bastards!!