Love this scene!

... Blue Ray does have better quality in fact...

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WolfSpirit: Ha... I'd love to get blue ray... but I'm far to poor to be able to afford a blue ray player let alone the blue ray disks =(

Lady April: Mmmmmmmyessss I'll take him already chained to the wall... dam straight! =P

Lvndr HppE at 6:40 pm February 22

Oh, the things I'd do to him if he were chained to my wall.

Holly at 8:45 pm February 22

The possibilities are endless

thewastelandr at 6:47 pm February 22

Oww oww!

Lady April at 12:21 pm February 22

... and to quote myself here..... DAYAM!

Holly at 6:18 pm February 22

ooh, I'd like to tickle him w/ a feather

Lady April at 9:19 pm February 22

Where? hmmmmmmmm? I know where I'd start =P

kissmyarrrtichoke: Thank you everyone for agreeing and noticing the significant difference between DVD and bluray! My friends can't! Glad I'm not the only one.
I do like my Bwian blu-ray...but there again I have 5 copies of it, 3 videos, a DVD and bluray...different covers you see :D

mrsCutout: oh my god! i can't belive my eyes! this is blue ray??? WOW i am shocked! you know ..i - the prehistoric human being- could never see anything but mike's head from the dvd and!

mrsCutout at 8:51 am February 20

i mean i can even see the veins on his hands


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Holly: wow, that's perfect. I hope you post more.

Johnnyrose at 1:23 pm February 13

I puted some in another post:

Holly at 10:45 pm February 13

wow & thanks, I guess I know what I want to buy w/ my income tax money