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"I Was a Teenage Monty Python Fan (And they have the pictures to prove it).
posted: March 31, 2008

When I was sixteen, I was a huge fan of Monty Python's Flying Circus. You know the type: reciting entire skits from memory, telling dead parrot jokes, etc. They'd just started airing the show in the US and my girlfriends and I were hooked.

Well, when it was announced in that the group would be coming to New York to take part in the WNET (PBS) fundraising night, my good samaritan side kicked in, and the next thing you know, we (me, Ina and Brenda) volunteered to help answer phones for pledge night and hopefully meet the Pythons.

And so we did! They were fantastic, charming, lovely, witty. I was just starting to shoot photos, and took a ton (which I later sent to them) and Terry Gilliam made some wonderful drawings for me. We then took to loitering outside their hotel in Manhattan (the Hotel Navarro) whenever they came to town (i.e. for the premiere of Holy Grail, etc), and they obliged us with more photos, chit-chat, ginger ales in the hotel bar, and the like. They were utter gentlemen to these three dorky teenage girls. Over the next year or so they warmly responded to our letters (hand-written on their fantastic Python letterhead), sent us signed books (Bert Fegg's Nasty Book for Boys and Girls, etc) and basically made our miserable teenage lives worth living. (Michael Palin and Terry Jones were the two we got to know the best).

When they came back in 1976 for their live show at City Center - something I'd been looking forward to for months - I was sick with the flu and couldn't make it. I was devastated. Well, my friends (who at this point had gotten a job baby-sitting for them when they came to town) mentioned this to them, and Michael Palin actually called me at home from backstage to wish me well!

Anyway, this all leads up to my discovery of their autobiography - a wonderful, huge book (The Pythons). I flipped through it and lo and behold, I found a bunch of my photos! (Which I'd sent to them thirty years earlier.). But even more surprising, there was a photo of me, Ina, and Brenda, taken at the moment we first met them at the WNET studios. I had no idea this photo existed. What a kick! And yesterday I ran into a friend who told me that a different photo of us is in the new Michael Palin memoir. (Which I haven't seen yet).

Looking back, we were so lucky. They were such an inspiration, and simply wonderful to us."

1 - First photo:
That's me with the camera (natch) between Brenda and Ina. Michael Palin and Graham Chapman in background. I had no idea someone photographed us!

2 - Second photo
Brenda, me, Terry Jones and Graham Chapman. (Note National Lampoon "Mona Gorilla" T-shirt).

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WackyQueen: Woohaw!

The Ex-Leper: Oh I am SO jealous!! That right there is what my dreams are made of!

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Johnnyrose at 11:02 am January 03

They realy had good things to remember...