This makes me sad....

Heehee... naked Eric dosen't make me sad... but I needed a sad and/or angry pic... and the first folder I opened was the one I'm compiling naked Python pictures to pic-spam livejournal with later lol So grabbed this lol And now I'm amused....

But also sad that my Splunge (my station) is only opeining like.... once in a blue moon for me in the past two days. In fact I can't even make a reply to a post because it won't open the page... =(

In other news... What was this... Splitting Heirs or something? I forgot... all I know is I should go see this movie (I'm so shallow lol)

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Paute: Oh! yes!!!

thewastelandr at 4:56 pm January 13

Hahaha! Love that clip! What movie is it from?

WolfSpirit at 6:31 pm January 13

The movie is "Splitting Heirs"... it has John in it as well though, as far as I can tell, not as big of a part as Eric

the_thina at 3:16 pm January 14

thats right, the movie is splitting heirs, and john is in it, as a complete psychopath. what have become of basil when sybil finaly drove him out of his mind. haha.

thewastelandr at 8:36 pm January 13

Oh ok! Thank you - must check that out!

WolfSpirit at 1:00 pm January 14

Me to... I don't think I can actually rent it anywhere around here. So I'm actually going to have to buy it just to see it lol.

But it seems to be relativly cheap on amazon so i suppose its ok lol

thewastelandr at 2:53 pm January 14

Yeah, it's at a library close to here, so I'm having them send it to me. Yay!

WolfSpirit at 1:27 pm January 13

BTW... thanks.. you totally killed me now with that... I've watched it about 2 or 3 times and I can't stop laughing lol.

especially once he gets to sounding out "I borrowed it" I have to bite my sleeve to not laugh supper loudly lol

WolfSpirit at 1:16 pm January 13

I'm in the library and trying to be quiet but it's very hard...

Esspecially cause I'm that bad.. .the other day I 2as talking to my grandfather to try to get money withdrawn from my trust fund. For school and a computer. I had no idea with prices so my dad was signling/mouthing the prices I should ask for... and I was as rubbish as this.

"A class costs around 100... erm... 150. I mean 200 dollars.... And a computer costs around 300 if you get it on sale... But for a good one 600. And um... sales don't happen often."

Ok... I'm failing at not laughing... for the barmitsfa?

the sounds and noises....

I think people are looking at me like i'm lost my mind because to not laugh I can't breath so i'm like... spasaming and my eyes are watering lol.

Fuck I need to see this...

Hey... that guy in the helmet... i've seen him in something before....

Ok... I;'m dead... i'm totally dead... fuck it.. So I can't rent it... I'll by the fucker to see it lol

Holly at 5:14 pm January 13

it's Rick Moranis, if you want to see a funny one w/ him you should check out "Strange Brew"

the_thina at 3:17 pm January 14

hes great in ghostbusters too, and honey I shrunk the childern

WolfSpirit at 6:32 pm January 13

I realized what I know him from... Little Shop of Horrors... one of my favorite musicals (Along with Rocky Horror Picture Show, Sweeney Todd[movie version and regular stage plays], and Cats)

Paute: What film is?

WackyQueen: This is pure awesomeness

Fettle: i love this film!! the whole scene of him in bed is jaw droppingly stunning!! I love his smile so to see him wear his smile and nothing else is quite squeel worthy!!
Its a great film aswell...

the_thina at 7:07 pm December 22

have to say I second that. his smile is cuteness at is purest form. and his hair all messed up like that too. and as I said, conzidering his age at the time he had a smashing body in that movie

WolfSpirit at 7:04 pm December 22

lol screw the film... Why don't we just have two hours of naked smiling Eric? lol

Holly: I wanted to see that I want to see it even more!

the_thina: yep splitting heirs.
in this he says "Im gonna kill him!" and a old lady comes and says "well, you should put on some pants first!" haha

WolfSpirit at 10:56 pm December 21

I need to go see it now... I will probably not even watch the movie... only this part lol.

Yes.. I'm horrible... No penis though as far as I can tell... Damn lol

Though now Eric trying to fight someone, completely naked, makes me giggle.

the_thina at 11:06 pm December 21

nope, no penis in this one. but much bottom, and well, all of his body exept from THAT part. ^^ and concidering this was done in the early 90s, he has a nice body for his age. looks just like he did on the cross in LoB.
hehe, he does much more than fight... he acctually atempts murder. bur I wont spoil the fun and tell if he succeds or not. :P
AND he sings in this movie! not to the camera, but on the soundtrack.
AND john is in it!

WolfSpirit at 11:18 pm December 21

lol Yea... I have about seven screen caps from that movie lol ALL that one scene lol
*is sad* nooo peeeniss* *shakes fist at Eric id he's reading* DAMN YOU!!! lol

Yea... I had thought that was done in the early 80s... not early 90s... he defiantly ages well lol.

lol I don't care about spoilers... in fact knowing everything that will happen is the only way I'll watch a movie with an actor I like in it lol I'll look it up and think about it lol

Well I WILL look the song up though.... doubt it's sit on my face though... I LOVE that song lol

the_thina at 11:50 pm December 21

haha, dirty dirty girl. :P but yes, COMEON ERIC, its not like we never seen a penis before. so do a nude movie AT ONCE or take lots of close up-pics and send them in a e-mail to wolfspirit, ok? XD oh if he reads THAT... haha.both funny and scary thought. XD

yeah, its in early 90s. he does age very well.:)

eric is living with his family who is indian (not as native americans, but from india) he seems to not notice that he is blond and blue-eyed and dont look nothing like

through work he meets a young american man (that man from ghostbusters who becomes a dog) he is the son of a family with a curse on it. through this curse the mans father dies, so he becomes a duke. they become friends. he visits the funural of the father and is given a silver spoon with the family wheapon on it. and the other guys mother clearly has the hots for eric. tells him "you remind me of my late husband"

he comes home to the family, his mother sees the spoon, shows him a blanket and a baby toy with the family whepon on was in this *dam-da-da-dam* eric was found as a baby. eric realizes he is the son and the new duke, not his new friend who is the son of someone else.

he ends up in bed with a girl. he is completely in love with her. the doorbell rings and its *da-da-da-dum* erics new friend, the false duke. eric hides in the closet. he now starts HATING his new friend because he has eric home, erics title, the girl eric is in love with.

so he desides to kill him. this turns out to go about as well as it does for mike in wanda. he does not succed. very angry and filled with hate he burns down the manchion, thinking that now they both die. but they dont.

the girl tells eric that she is pregnant, with his baby. eric thinks well allright, my son is gonna be a duke, and desides to not kill them. but now comes john, a layer eric spoke to about that he is the real duke. john kills a cook and when the baby is born the nanny (but he ment to kill the baby) eric talks to him telling him to shove off.

the tree are sitting in the living-room and hear the baby crying. eric happily says he will change the dipers. goes in there and his mother, not knowing that she is his mother comes in and tries (for the second time) to get down and dirty with him. he panics and tells her he is her lost baby. and that the baby is his son. she bitch-slaps him for trying to sleep with her, then hugs him, have him lying with his head in her knee telling him about where he grew up. what they dont know is that the fake duke hears it all. he now knows.

john shows up again, trying to kill everybody. but him being the bad guy, he dont kill anyone. big car-chase.

it turn out the baby is not erics after all, that she just said because she knew he was trying to kill her husband. but eric marries a secritary. everyone is happy and the movie is over. :)

WolfSpirit at 7:02 pm December 22

HAHAHAH OMG Yes Eric! Email me the pics!
Scary thought maybe... but I find it even more funny... cause I have no shame anymore lol.
(lol I get an email in my folder from some unknown email address with the title 'my nude pictures' and have a heart attack... only to find it's nothing but spam lol)

lol He dosent notice.... that, for some reason, is unbelivaly funny.

So is "John shoes up again trying to kill everybody" lol I nearly laughed out loud... because I see a very crappy attempt at killing everyone lol... kindad similar to in the lingrie buglarly lol

lol Ok... sounds ...... not terribly interesting but worth watchig for Eric and John lol And Eric.... and his nakeness... and and did I mention Eric's nakedness LOL

Jesus I'm horrible...

Well... But yea... as nothing bad really happens to Eric I might watch it. (then again it's not really my kinda movie... no explosions.... no sci-fi or fantasy... no advenure lol. But then again it has naked Eric lol)

I wonder ho wmany times I can mention naked Eric in one post lol.

I'll have to see if the movie rental place has the movie

the_thina at 7:13 pm December 22

hahaha, yeah. very funny thought. if eric read this and went "HALLELUJA!" take pictures (by himself of course, dont think his wife would like to take them for you) you know in front of a mirror into the mirror-glass and then loads and loads of close-ups and send them to you. XD I almost had the urge to make a ghost-account in here and mail you and say "hello, Im eric, give me your e-mail" but that is a little to mean even for me. XD

haha, yeah the fact he dont notice how different he looks fromthe rest of them is funny. XD and yeah, I forgot to say he plays BAGPIPES (my favourite instrument!) in the movie! and gets his face buerried in horse-shit. haha.
its a cute movie, not GREAT, but cute and funny.:)

WolfSpirit at 9:43 pm December 22

HAHAHAHA! If Eric actually SAID "Hallejuja!" With a fist pump into the air... then really bad myspace type pictures and cheesy bad amateur porn type (and for the record... I don't watch porn.. I'm just guessing here lol)

I would dies of happiness, shock, embarrassment, and loss of bodily fluids if he did that (DROOL YOU PERV! lol)

HAHA Well now I know your plan! lol

But no... I wouldn't fall for it... I always need proof before I am sure an account is a valid person... let alone famous person LOL

Still would have a flash moment of a heart attack though lol

HE PLAYS BAGPIPES OMG THATS HOT! (Even hotter if he played them naked LOL OMG there's am image for you!)

HAHAHA I love annoying things happening to my favorite lol As long as it turns out fine in the end lol.

Haha my mind is still on Eric emailing me with mass loads of pictures very enthusiastically and it's very humorous (I'm thinking about it, at this point, for the humor of it lol I mean.... a 66 year old man being all excited and taking low quality naked pictures like it's the happiest thing he'd ever done lol)

the_thina at 10:36 pm December 22

oh fuck you made me laugh so hard now. my cat is looking at me as if Im crazy. and yeah, the thought of eric doing that is completely hillarious. XD I can see him taking the pictures and what they would look like in my mind. hahaha. extremely funny and extremely gross (you know, since I dont like penises, especially not closeups on them)
and no, porn is not my cup of tea either.pepoles uglys bumping together... is that suposed to turn meon? noo... but I do own one porn-movie. fäbodjäntan. but thats for the plot and the bad acting.I watch it as a comedy and fastforward past the fucking. its about this one girl who has a viking-horn she has dug up. and whenever she plays it all women becomes extremely horny, but men dont react to it at all. maybe dont sound all that funny, but it is. and they are sooooooo bad actors, makes it even more funny.

if he lays bagpipes in a kilt then, and it sort of flyes up, like marilyn monroe you know, and he proves that you are not suposed to have anything under them? hahaha

WolfSpirit at 10:45 pm December 22

HAHA Good.. my work here is done lol. It seems I always do that to people... with online friends and acquaintances I make laugh insanely and their pets stare at them like WTF ( I do it to in person friend as well but don't see them as often lol)
Unfortunately.... not the right kind of comedy to sell out on... damn...


I'd just be do shocked and amused to be disturbed or turned on I think lol. Though I CAN tell you that the favorite of the batch would be my wall paper lol.

And I'd also copy a few and in MS paint put a little smilie face over the naughty bits lol and post it all over the place lol

lol that sounds funny for some reason lol. dunno why lol

HAHAHAHAHA *ahem* Ok... taking a breath... kilt with nothing... brilliant....

for the record... i for some reason thought I saw the word banana in this post.... so... for a second pictured one of Eric's happy, bad-porn pictures in a mirror of him eating a banana provocatively lol Which ends up either being very good... OR he kinda fils at the sexy look lol

This is becoming one of the funniest things ever lol...

the_thina at 1:01 am December 23

hahaha. yeah. but nice of you to put smiley-faces over the naughty bits before you spread them. eric is to sweet a man to be in one of them home-made-porn-scandals. but as I said in another thread, dont think he, or anyone of them for that matter, is afraid of showing their bodys. after all they have proven that they are not over and over again, so. when you cover up *that* bit there is nothing in those pics that anyone whos seen movies with him, or that bak and white photo (Ill just post it) havent seen before.

haha yeah. I have a brilliant picture of a friend of mine. he runs around in his kilt very often. and never has anything under it (he never wears underwear at all) and he was on a swing... and I sat there with my camera since I went to art-school at the point and was taking pictures for some projects in photo-class. and snaped a picture of him up in the air on the swing, with his kilt flying and his butt and balls are showing. of the best pics Ive ever taken when it comes to giggeling-points

WolfSpirit at 10:08 pm December 23

Yea... little Smiley faces... just barely covering the area lol He is in fact far to sweet to subject to scandals lol... seriously this would be the funniest thing in the world.

LOL Funniest picture in the world I can imagine. lol

the_thina at 10:29 pm December 23

haha. oh yes. now its just a matter of waiting until he reads this. then you can put them in here. a nice christmas-gift to all fan-girls. ^^ and if there is some fag in here who likes him (I know its a fag in here who has the hots for john) then for him too. :) COME OOOON NOW ERIC. WE KNOW YOU ARE NOT SHY! ^^

haha, yeah. it was acctually put up in a local museum for a whole week. and markus as his name is has never been more proud. (yes, he likes showing off his naughty bits) haha

WolfSpirit at 10:41 pm December 23

HAHAHA It's like it's a given thing lol. Ok... Someone go tell Eric to read this thread lol (and if I knew a sure way to get contact with him I totally would anonymously lol)

Yes! Come on Eric! It's Christmas!!! Time for Giving.. means it's time to give me a bunch of naked pictures! lol

HAHAHA Thats fricking awesome. Put into a museum and proud of it.. amazing.

Maybe the pictures of Eric's naughty bits can be put into some museum. lol

the_thina at 11:41 pm December 23

of course he will! haha. he wil scream halleuja and make them at once.its every mans biggest dream to be asked for badly taken nakkid-pics. XD at least I think itis. haha.

oh even better idea! haha. if markus was that happy about it Im sure eric will as well.XD