Maps, globes, atlases , etc. and Michael

I know I can't possibly be the only one here who has noticed that there are a lot of pics of Michael with a globe, or a map, or an atlas or something else along those lines right? So I decided to start a thread in which we can all post any pics of Michael with maps, globes, atlases , etc.

If you've edited any pics or drawn any pics of Michael with Maps, globes, atlases , etc. feel free to post them as well, I'd love to see them :)

I thought I'd start this thread with an image I edited awhile back.

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I was searching through the archives and found this and realised this picture would fit perfectly in here. :)

arkennedy at 4:45 pm March 11

Great pic :) and thanks for bringing this thread back to the top.

Miioo at 8:08 pm March 11

No prob. And searching the archives is a great pastime and a source of much information. :)

arkennedy at 8:52 pm March 11

That's true, I like to search the archives of Pythonline sometimes as well :)


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thewastelandr at 5:37 pm January 17

From Pole to Pole

arkennedy at 5:46 pm January 17

Great pics, thanks for posting them :)

thewastelandr at 9:19 pm January 25



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I have no idea who actually drew this but here is yet another image of Michael with a globe :)

Looks like he could use some help doesn't it?


is that mr praline's jacket?

Lvndr HppE at 7:40 pm January 18

lol! Ask Hazel Pethig.


There is a globe drawn on the sign.

arkennedy at 5:57 pm December 08

Great post :)


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Palins passepartout:

I think this might be an inflatable!

arkennedy at 3:30 pm December 08

I think your right. If I'm remembering correctly I read somewhere that he did have an inflatable globe that he took with him during his travels. It's been so long ago though that I don't remember where I read that.

Palins passepartout at 6:52 am December 09

You must have read it in the 80 days book or seen it on the DVD. He took it with him on the next journey Pole to Pole and gave it to children at a school in one of the countries he visited.

arkennedy at 4:05 pm December 09

It was the 80 days book then (I haven't managed to see any of his travels yet, because I haven't been able to find the dvds).

Palins passepartout at 5:23 am December 10

Have you tried Amazon? You must see them! Michael is the only person that has ever been able to make me watch a travel programme! You are in for a treat!

arkennedy at 4:12 pm December 10

I don't really like to order things over the internet but I may try that if I can't find them anywhere else.

Palins passepartout at 4:33 am December 11

Amazon are very secure and trustworthy and vey quick usually, at least, in the uk. I suppose it depends where you are. My family have been pleased with their sevice anyway. Good luck!


and some more :p

arkennedy at 9:10 am December 07

These pics are great additions to this thread :) Thanks for posting them. This is from the sketch about the artists trying to paint while riding bikes right?

Psychedelia at 11:39 am December 07

yeah its from the Picasso/cycling race sketch :D


with a map teaching

Lvndr HppE at 7:41 pm January 18

Later, he starts singing the Spam song. :-D


Here he is standing in front of a map


I decided it was time to add more photos to this thread. Here is an animated photo I made awhile back that I had forgotten about until I found it just now. Please click the image to see the effect.

TheSister91: O.O that's amazing!!!

Fettle: oh i do like this thread!! I bought Michael a globe from France once, obviously with all the countries written in French and he loved it :)

arkennedy at 1:26 pm November 18

Thanks :) I'm glad you like the thread. I've been enjoying seeing the pics people post here too. I wonder if any of the pics of Michael with a globe are of the globe you bought him.


Here is an image of Michael with a globe that I'm quite fond of.

By way didn't Lemming_of_the_BDA once draw a pic of the Pythons as babies where Michael was holding a globe? If I remember correctly she had written "Baby Michael loves his globe" That pic would fit in well here.

mrsbeethoven at 6:45 pm January 23

Love his smile here.

arkennedy at 1:07 pm November 18

Looks like I was mistaken it was Mr. Nudge who drew the pic I'm thinking of: either way it's still one of my favorite Python Drawings :)

Palins passepartout at 12:14 pm November 18

What a lovely picture! What a lovely face that man has! He is so open, he hides nothing! He has really enjoyed every minute of his travels hasn't he!


Yet another one! Mike is all over the world!!!

arkennedy at 2:54 pm November 17

I love the look on his face in this pic :)

mrsCutout at 12:42 pm November 18

Yes!A bit naughty ...

Palins passepartout:

Think I duplicated the last one ,sorry! Here's another!

Lvndr HppE at 9:52 pm January 24

Mm. So beautiful here.

kisch at 10:09 am November 18

oh I just LOVE this one !!!

arkennedy at 2:05 pm November 17

No need to apologize :) and thanks for the pics.


Here is a group photo of the Pythons and look what Michael is holding... A map :)

arkennedy at 2:30 pm November 17

Here is a brighter version of this pic in case it's hard for anyone to see the original version.

Fettle at 1:11 pm November 18

I love this pic, theyre all so gorgeous!!

mrsCutout at 12:46 pm November 18

I love it!!!!!!!!!they all look so happy!!

Palins passepartout:

Here's one for you!

arkennedy at 10:47 am November 17

Thanks :)


This one is also edited.