Maps, globes, atlases , etc. and Michael

I know I can't possibly be the only one here who has noticed that there are a lot of pics of Michael with a globe, or a map, or an atlas or something else along those lines right? So I decided to start a thread in which we can all post any pics of Michael with maps, globes, atlases , etc.

If you've edited any pics or drawn any pics of Michael with Maps, globes, atlases , etc. feel free to post them as well, I'd love to see them :)

I thought I'd start this thread with an image I edited awhile back.

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arkennedy at 10:47 am November 17

This was from your Where's Michael series, right? You did a great job on this :) I had forgotten it was edited.

CamelSpotter at 6:01 pm November 17

Thank you! Yes, this was the New York installment. :)

mrsCutout at 12:47 pm November 18

Well it is beautifull!


Here's a picture where I edited in a globe.


His house must be full of them!

the_thina at 10:29 pm November 16

oh how meny books too! if it is books on all those shelfs, looks so... I want a whole room filled with my favourite autors books too. :(
but then again, he is 40 years older than me, so I still have time to catch up on the size of his library. :)

Jatta at 11:06 am November 17

oh yes, all those books... *sigh*


My avatar, of course. :)


In front of globes...does that count?

arkennedy at 9:06 pm November 16

It counts :) All the pics you posted are great choices for this thread. Thanks :)


you can hardly tell, but have heard that the book in mikes hand is a traveling-guide to norway. ^^

arkennedy at 3:57 pm November 16

I always wondered what book he was holding in this pic.

the_thina at 4:14 pm November 16

haha yeah, now you know. :) dont remember who told me, but that is what it is. :)



mrsCutout at 12:50 pm November 18

I think i had posted this one in Lady April's DROOL blog but again I am not 100% sure ! I love it anyway!!!

arkennedy at 3:58 pm November 16

Thanks :D this is one I don't remember seeing before.

the_thina at 4:15 pm November 16

happy I could contribute with something new for you! :)
big suprice; I found it in here! can you imagine?? haha

arkennedy at 4:20 pm November 16

Really? I must have missed it somehow before. I'm very happy to see it now though :)

the_thina at 4:36 pm November 16

think it was in the big drool-thread... or maybe in the galleries back when you could see them

CamelSpotter at 7:29 pm November 16

Yes, I think I first saw it posted by Lancaster Bomber.

Anyway, great photo! Thanks for including it.