Marry, Sleep with, and Murder

Here is the game...

There are three spots for the 6 Python's. You have to marry one, Sleep with one, and murder one. You can't used the same Python twice, and You have to put one Python in a spot!! Have fun.. Its just a game!!

Marry: Michael! There is something to say for longevity. The man's been married for longer then I've been on this planet!!

Sleep with: John! He just makes me laugh, and I could have fun with that I think...

Murder: This one is hard cause I don't really want to lose anymore Pythons EVER!! The only way to make a choice here to use some Eeny, meeny, miny, moe with the picture I posted above... Sorry Jones!!

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French Taunter: LOL!!! ^^

Well me with these English and the one from the USA... I would kill them all, then sleep with them and marry them! ;) Just being silly :P

But forrr thé game I would be: Married to Mr Palin, Sleeping with Mr Idle and muderred Mr Chapman (because he's been a naughty boy when he died, so I cannot kill him he already done it;])

TheSister91: according to this game 7 girlz want to marry Michael, 3 want to sleep with him and only 1 wants to kill him!! (lulz)

2 will marry Graham, 4 will sleep with him and 4 wants to kill his ashes (O_O)

none would like to marry or sleep with John, while 3 people want to sacrifice him!

as for Terry Jones, 2 brides for him, 4 night talkers in his bed and just one pointed stick to kill him on his way!!

another double marriage for Eric, as another and different couple in his bed, unfortunately it seems like the sum of the (4 people) would like to kill him!!

amazingly another 2 brides for Gilly, a lonely bed friend for him (can I say that??) and thank God no-one wants to see him dead! (YAY)

Carol Cleveland seems to be no-one's wife, but a good company in bed for a lonely man.. but a jealous girl is always behind the corner to take her out of the games!! (poor girl!)

Poor Neil isn't seen as a good companion in marriage or even in bed... it's just badly seen by 2 pythonliners!!

aww dears :D you are silly!! xD

Inspector Tiger: Marry: Michael= Adorable
Sleep with: John, hes just... Johnny : 3
Murder: ... What a gruesome decision. I did an eeny, meeny miny moe too, sorry Eric :(

A. Lupin: Marry: Michael .. he's just absolutely Michaely
Sleep with: Terry Jones :D we'd discuss Medieval England all while having a good knight ;D
Kill: Och! um, Eric. Msorry, love.

There should be a 'Marry, Sleep with, Murder' game for Python Characters

Here Comes Another One at 6:37 pm April 05

So true! You should start one!

Here Comes Another One: Marry: Terry J
Sleep with: Graham
Murder: Eric

Miioo: Marry: Michael
Sleep with: Jonesy
Kill: Oh, this is hard, but I have to go with John. Sorry John!

a_nervous_wreck: hmmm, tricky tricky tricky...

Marry: Graham, just cause he's my favorite, and being married doesn't necessarily mean you have to sleep together

Sleep with: Jonesy! Cause he's just so cute with his high pitched voice and all

Murder: ... John... I'M SORRY!!!! :'(

katithepythonfan: I think I might want to refresh this one...
Marry: Eric
Sleep with: Michael
and... kill: if "the seventh Python" is acceptalbe, then... Neil (sorry)

TheSister91: Marry: Micheal
Sleep: hmmmm... suppose with Jonesy!
Kill:... really hard! John

Rosemary Greenwood: That's good. Well... Marry: Michael. Sleep with: hmmm... Michael. Murder: well... Helen?

the_thina at 5:51 am April 11

you cant say the same name twice.and helen is not a python. :P

Rosemary Greenwood at 7:16 am April 11

I know :) But it's not fair. But i can marry Graham, beacuse he is Ex-Graham and then i must sleep with Michael. Kill: Eric. With pointed sticks!

Rosemary Greenwood at 7:25 am April 11

I've got better idea: i'll save Eric, John, Terrys and Ex-Graham, marry Michael, sleep with Michael and kill Helen.

upperclasstwit at 7:29 am April 11

But she isn't a python.. Niel and Carol are acceptable choices though

upperclasstwit at 7:29 am April 11


Rosemary Greenwood at 7:54 am April 11

So marry Graham, sleep with Michael and kill Eric with pointed sticks.

mrsCutout: hahah that's funny! Well Definately i would marry-MICHAEL!
sleep with duh i am between eric and jonesy....maby eric
murder -Graham?he's dead already so....i hope he doesn't mind!

upperclasstwit at 4:12 pm April 09

I think Part of the reason I did Eeny Meny was cause I miss Graham... Someone else's turn.. I'm so bad!!

thewastelandr: Marry - Michael (duh!)
Sleep with - Terry J (but not if I was married to Michael at the time)
Kill - Graham, cause he's already dead. Is that cheating?

upperclasstwit at 2:18 pm April 09


thewastelandr at 2:21 pm April 09

Yay! No one has to get killed then.

The Ex-Leper: marry Michael sleep with Graham and probably kill Jonesy though I won't take pleasure in doing it because he is a beloved Python

upperclasstwit at 2:03 pm April 09

Those are the same as Mine..COOL!! Yeah I wouldn't like Killing Jones either.. Unless he owned me money, but thats different!! ...Kidding ;)

Palins passepartout: Oh dear, I'm not going to comment as I would have to break the rules as you can't name the same Python twice! There is only one man for me, I think you can guess which one that is!! I love them all though. And I certainy wouldn't want to murder anyone, but as Jonesy's my least favourite I guess it would have to be him!

Mrs Conclusion: Marry: Our beautiful Graham, I just love that man so much!

Sleep with: Gorgeous Gilly! The man is crazy, but we'd have fun in our own cartoon world (!)

Murder: No-one...although feel the tiniest bit envious of Ms Cleveland as she had the pleasure of working with our lovely Python boys. x

Lvndr HppE at 8:34 pm April 09

{high fives you for the last one}

sit-on-my-face: Marry Gilliam (good lord, yes, please)

sleep with Graham (GOOD LORD, YES, MORE)

murder... Attila The Hun

sit-on-my-face at 5:15 pm April 07

Actually (pardon) I don't care about marriage, I'd just live a long, marvelous life in the same house as the man.

upperclasstwit at 6:03 pm April 07

Sooo, Your gonna murder Michael?

sit-on-my-face at 2:25 pm April 08

Noooo... rather Carol. Lucky lady. I just couldn't choose so I took a python related crazy warrior.

Tanya_Birklid19: Marry: Michael. Why???? What a silly question. Because.
Sleep with: Graham. Even though he's dead, I plan on creating my own little TARDIS and time travel back to when he was still alive and well.
Murder: oooo. It's so hard. They're all such nice boys. . . .I turned around, shut my eyes, and my finger landed on. . . Eric. SORRY!!

bundtcake: Marry: Michael! Because he's Michael F'n Palin! plus, he must be a pretty good hubby.
Sleep with: Oh man...I'm gonna have to say Eric. Even though I sort of want to say Terry Jones, too.
Murder: I'm gonna go with my first thought and say Graham. Only because he's already dead, therefore I wouldn't have to kill anyone else.

Paute: Marry: Eric. I think he is a funny, inteligent and good man. And every day could be funny!
Sleep: Terry J. Just my type!!! (grr...)
Murder: Neil (could be?). Is the least know but they would kill in extreme cases.

the_thina: marry: gilliam. I have a feeling he and I would get along very well.

sleep with: carol, since I dont do men. but if I was bi I would say eric

murder: I can murder grahams ashes. they are allready dead,

upperclasstwit at 1:37 pm April 07

I always Thought Carol was a very attractive Women, So you go!!!

Lvndr HppE: Crap, that's what I was gonna say. Except I'd murder Carol, and then take her place.

upperclasstwit at 11:45 am April 07

LOL.. Nice!!