MashCast hook-up!

Hello, Python Army!

Since we have all these new members here, and some of the older ones (I'm 37, I'm not old!) might have "missed the mash train", I'd thought I'd dig some time from my calendar for a MashCast Hook-Up!

If you have absolutely no idea what MashCast is, you can go and watch my tutorial videos I made AGES ago with MashCast here -> (I recommend watching the last one first), and you can go to, register/login and read all about it.

First for the hook-up, you'll need to download MashCast itself from the upper right corner on PythOnline that says "get mashcast". Once you've downloaded it and registered (if it doesn't work the first time, try registering on first and give it another go), look me up! The friend list from PythOnline should transfer straight to the app (tell me if it doesn't!). If Hanri has a green buddy icon next to her, it means I'm online and ready to start chatting with ya! If I'm not yet on your friend list, feel free to add me. :)

I will answer questions there about the app and how to use it, and if something is mind-bogglingly hard to figure out for me too, we have tech support. :) And we can practice making animations and mashes together there.

The hook-up dates that I will attend will be on the comment section. In other words, follow this page!

And sorry beforehand, if the hours seem freaky to you, I'm from Finland, so the time zones might be wierd, but let's figure times that are ok with as many people as possible!

Yours animated and collaborated,
Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
The Python Army HeadQuarters

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parmis: Hi,

Could you please help me get in contact with someone who can clear the rights for showing footage from Monty Python's the Flying Circus?

I work at the Swedish television (SVT) with an entertainment show called Doobidoo ( sent an inquiry via pythononline already, but haven't heard anything yet.

Very greatful from some help!

Parmis Noroozy / SVT

sysadmin at 10:15 pm March 01

Your request was forwarded to the Pythons. I don't know if they will respond but it did get to them.

Hanri: W00T! The secrety schmecrety mashity project is halfway finished! Excellent!!

There's still time for mashers to join in for the fun. Strewth, there's time to LEARN HOW to mash and still be part of the project! I promise, it's gonna be fantastic. :)

To celebrate this milestone, I've decided to increase the amount of my scheduled online sessions. Though I have a day job, I still have my evenings. Success!

Therefore, if anything unexpected doesn't occur, I shall be online as follows:

- Thursday Mar 3rd from around 08.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time
- Friday Mar 4th from around 08.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time
- Saturday Mar 5th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time
- Sunday Mar 6th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

The rest of the week, basically. Again, the time zone converter is convenient:

Come mash with me!

Hanri at 12:24 am March 06

Update to this day's schedule:

- Sunday Mar 6th from 05.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

A sudden call for work for a few hours, you see.

Hanri at 10:21 am March 04

Aaand the line is on!

Hanri: Decided to go with a whim and be online starting NOW!

Soooo today, to be more specific:

- Tuesday Mar 1st from 04.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

In need of a time zone converter, go to

Come and say hi!

Hanri: Oh, spit, promised to be online two hours ago, but I dropped the ball. Terribly sorry about that, seems like 6 am just ain't my time of day lol.

Next get-together, tomorrow!

- Saturday Feb 26th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time EXCEPT probably will take a couple hour brake around from 04.00 to 6.00 (maybe trying to go do some excersize)

And hopefully on:

- Sunday Feb 27th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

See ya there, peeps!

Hanri at 3:21 am February 26

Now it's on! Just rolled out of bed 20 mins ago, but it's on!

Hanri: Just like YouTube username schmoyoho has accent on the "yo":


Next MashCast hook-up is due on:

- Friday Feb 11th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

So this Friday, SEE YOU THERE! Interesting projects await both old and new users!

(Time Zone Converter:

Hanri at 2:46 am February 11

No time like the present! Time to explore the depths of MashCast!

Hanri at 3:07 am February 11

I'm backing up, backing up, backing up, baaacking up, 'cause my daddy taught me good...... Files, that is! for reference. X)

Hanri at 9:40 am February 11

36 seconds of ready animation, woohoo! About 2,5 minutes to go.. I'm gonna need help from you guys.

Hanri: Ok, people, weekend about to commence and I've got a couple of full days to spare. :) The next scheduled hook-ups are:

- Saturday Feb 5th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time
- Sunday Feb 6th from 02.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time

I might be there earlier, I might stay longer, depends on the peeps online. :) If any changes may occur, I will let you guys know.

And again, time zone converter here:

If you're having trouble logging in or registering, I will have my FB on and MSN Messenger at

Hanri at 2:41 am February 05

Ok, peeps, it's online time! Will be here nearly 12 hours hopefully, looking forward to see you there!

Hanri at 2:21 am February 06

Today is the day to be online! I have a semi-secret project there where everyone can join in. I promise it's fun!

So I'm online starting NOW and will be around 12 hours.

mrsCutout: Ok! Let's check this out!

Hanri: So the first scheduled hook-ups are:

- today Monday Jan 31st from 03.00 to 13.00 US/Pacific time (so that's ten hours of me online)
- and tomorrow Tuesday Feb 1st from 02.00 to 06.30 US/Pacific time (four and a half hours).

If you're not in the region of US/Pacific time zone, you can check the time here ->

Hope to see you guys there!

Hanri at 12:23 am February 01

So in a couple of hours I'll be there today again!