Mastermind: Python

Well, this didn't work out so well so, taking HCAO's lead, I'm so going to recycle it.

So, you all know the BBC's Mastermind show, right?

AFAIK there's never been a contestant whose specialist subject is Monty Python so, if there was, as good BBC researchers, what are the most obscure questions you can think of to ask a Python expert? So?

Anyone who wants to answer the original 10 questions post can do so below the entry marked "ORIGINAL POST".

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I want to post this on the facebook page to generate interest in IMPD, which will generate interest in this forum (it's a circular thing), but I'd like some examples first.

Say you had access to all six Pythons, one at a time - what ten questions would you ask them? Bonus points for good questions for Carol Cleveland, Connie Booth, Neil Innes, Ian MacNaughton, Michael Mills, David Frost, etc.

mrsCutout at 12:39 pm October 29

Yes...So? WHy did you post this again??Oh is it actualy on facebook?That would be good!

genji at 12:44 pm October 29

We have a word for this in English. It's called "patience".

Yes our good friend RealGilliamAddict posted it. Get ye hence.

mrsCutout at 1:27 pm October 29

Haha oh well! I'll look for it!!!!Its a lovely idea!

TheRealGilliamFan at 1:11 pm October 29

"RealGilliamAddict" <--- haha. me likes ;)

killerrabit444: do your american fans annoy you?
and how did you come up with all those ideas and sketches for so long?
and also what makes it so funny to dress as a woman i find this hilarious while others find it weird did you ever feel uncomfortable doing so?

killerrabit444 at 3:54 pm October 25

i know thats not ten but its all i could think of

Here Comes Another One at 9:39 pm October 25

The one about dressing as women is a good point. My mum hates the whole men in drag thing & so gets put off Python. But there are sketches that wouldn't work any other way - what would be the fun in REAL pepperpots, for example? And the poet reader sketch where Jones 'seduces' Palin - that's only funny because it's a man.

killerrabit444 at 3:38 pm October 26

yes i know its very common in british humor and i just wonder what makes it so funny to them while its still funny to me and many others it seems to be especially funny to the british

Here Comes Another One at 7:40 pm October 26

I really don't know! It might be just because it's ridiculous, and it's a slightly taboo thing (especially in the '60s and '70s when it seems to have been most popular) but done in a way that is silly rather than erotic. But I find I only laugh at a few comedians who do drag; some aren't funny to me at all ... so I might be the wrong person to comment.

genji at 9:41 pm October 26

It's always been used in this way through pantomimes and (I think) music hall entertainment. The sixties and seventies just brought it into people's living rooms by TV (television, that is). Les Dawson and Roy Barraclough were hilarious doing their version.

Also, in Elizabethan theatre, as I'm sure everyone knows, there were no female actors. Female parts were played by men and some of the humour derived from that.

And let's not forget Dame Edna Everage.

Lvndr HppE: Right now, only one comes to mind and it works for either of the Pythons: Can I have your autograph?

J.Gambolputty: 1. John, how did you manage to keep your face straight in even the most funniest sketches?
2. All: have you ever wanted to do something else for living than you do?
3. Can I hug you all?
4. Terry G, did you like to perform in Flying Circus more than you did?
5. All: What is your favourite sketch in season 1 ?
6. Terry J, was it uncomfortable to strip in those sketches that you did do that?
7. Can I hug you all again?
8. All: What character you wouldn't like to be?
9. All: What sketch didn't you like to do?
10. Michael: What do you think about Finns and Finnish culture?

Here Comes Another One: This is difficult but I'll try.

1: Who was the worst at keeping a straight face during performances?

2: Did Carol ever contribute to how a scene turned out?

3: Does it ever annoy you that people remember you more for Python than for work you've done since, such as (for example) the way Robert Plant seems to feel about Led Zeppelin?

4: What is your favourite sketch, or movie scene, a) that you're in, and b) that you're not in?

5: In 'Scott of the Antarctic,' why the random stripping when TJ fights the penguin?

6: If Tim the Enchanter cursed you & you had to spend the rest of your life as one of your characters, who would you choose?

7: Are there any sketches you wish you'd never done?

8: What are the most common things that fans quote at you?

9: How about briefly expanding the group & doing a one-off special of Do Not Adjust Your 1948 Show?

10: Excuse me, Mr Chapman, would you mind just having some of this mysterious elixir? Thanks.

mrsCutout: I'm working on it! I need a few more!

genji: Any other suggestions?

genji: After much (or, at least, somewhat more than a bit of) deliberation, I've come up with mine.

1. What triggered the realisation for you that "Monty Python" was becoming much more than a TV comedy show?

2. To what extent have your professional skills and abilities (comedy, acting, vision, alternative perspectives, etc.) contributed to bringing up your children?

3. Do you still have ideas for four minute sketches?

4. In the last year what has made you laugh the most?

5. Mentally and physically you've all aged very well. Is this due to nature or nurture?

6. What's the most enjoyable thing about getting old?

7. Give us the recipe for your favourite meal to cook.

8. What currently active public figure do you have most respect for and why?

9. Which successful comedian or writer do you think has been most influenced by Monty Python and why?

10. Should we fear Scientology?

TheRealGilliamFan at 9:37 pm October 26

#4 is a great question and #10 is hilarious haha. now go post it on facecrack... there's a discussion :D

ThankYouSaystheGreatQueen: 1) All: What has been your favorite sketch/movie to film/write/perform live?

2) Michael: Out of all the places you've travelled to, which was your favorite and why?

3) All: Out of all the characters you've played, which have been your favorite and why?

4) All: How did the pepperpot idea come about?

5) Mike and Jonesy: Which episode of Ripping Yarns did you enjoy filming/writing most?

6) Gilliam: How did the idea to use figures from classic paintings come about, and how long did it take to animate each cartoon (since it was done by hand)?

7) Neil: What song that you've written (Python, Rutles, or otherwise) is your favorite?

8) Eric and Neil: How did the original Rutles idea come about?

9) All (one at a time, preferably): How well, would you say, did you all get along while writing/filming/etc.? (I don't want any "We worked together, but weren't really friends" bollocks from Eric... the proof against that is ALL OVER Mike's diaries)

10) Can I have a hug?

Other miscellaneous comments/questions: Have you all stayed in contact since officially disbanding? Do you miss each other/Python in general? Mike: If had to (and could) pick a favorite, you'd be mine. All: Your comedic timing/writing ability/wittiness/EVERYTHING ABOUT PYTHON astounds me.

the_thina at 12:00 pm September 25

I know the answer to number 8, want me to tell you?

Johnnyrose: Only ten!!??!!??

genji at 11:34 am September 25

Haha. I'm struggling to come up with three. I don't know why I started this.

mrsCutout: Ok I get it it goes:
1)All: How does it feel being part of a group that changed the history of british tv and the history of comedy in general,inspiring many of the comedians we admire today,producing some of the most classic moments in the tv and on the cinema?You made history how does that feel?
2)I second thina's great questin..How about a hug?
3)Michael:Will you keep doing the journeys and what's the next?
4)Eric: Would you bring Spamalot in Greece so I could watch it?I'm dying to see it!
5)Gilly: Would you take me in your next movie?Even for a small appearance?
6)Neil:Bonzos,Rutles or Pythons?And could I have a sheet of the song "How sweet to be an idiot?"
7)All:Where there any unsees moments because a laugh ruined the take?
8)All:How about a photo with you all,signed?
9)Did you ,despite natural disagreements,get along?Where there any moments that you got pissed off?
10)All: If Grey would raise would you accept to do one more tv show?Just to show them what good tv is all about!

TheRealGilliamFan: Am I supposed to post these here or there?

1) All: in creating your female characters, how much trying on of different "looks" -- wigs, accessories, clothing, voices, etc went into it to create a female that worked well on your specific features and stature?

2) Gilly: on the animations that are voiced over with narrative/linear story lines (or even purely absurdist non-narratives), what was the process? Script, then animation? Animation, then script? Or created concurrently?

3) All: Did you guys ever fight? Not fists. Creative differences, or just getting irritated by too much of a good thing (each other) once in a while.

4) All: When you were a young child, what did you think you wanted to be when you grew up?

5) All: What is your biggest fear? For real; no funny cop-outs on the question.

6) All: How difficult was it memorizing some of those extremely wordy, bantering scenes and sketches? ... especially if it was a scene you didn't write.

7) All: How much rehearsal of sketches or film scenes did you have before performing them before the audience or camera?

8) All: What was the most uncomfortable costume you ever had to wear?

9) All: Do you miss it?

10) This is not a question: Gilly -- you're hot. Mikey, Jonesy and Eric -- you're so adorable I could eat you like a cookie. John -- your intelligence is frightening. Graham -- please come back :(

10b) Ditto the_thina ... I'd ask for a hug :)

the_thina: oh wow. thats deffinatly a hard one... dont know if I have any questions left. I would however order gray to stop smoking before he got ill.
and order eric to give the okay to BBC to release rutland weekend television on dvd. and order neil to do the same with innes book of records.
haha. more orders than questions really.
but yeah, I would ask each and every one of them if I could get a hug.

mrsCutout: Alrighty that's interesting...
Mikey :1)How does it feel being part of a group that changed the history of british tv and the history of comedy in general,inspiring many of the comedians we admire today,producing some of the most classic moments in the tv and on the cinema?You made history how does that feel?
2)Could I come with you in the next journey????
3)What's the next journey?
4)You wanna come back to my place bouncy bouncy?
Sorry am I supposed to ask each one queston?I mean I should only leave on of the 4 and use th remaining 9 for the rest?

genji at 4:01 pm September 24

Well, you can interpret the idea however you want. If you want to ask each one a different ten questions then that's fine, but I imagined a set list of the same ten questions you'd ask to each Python. It's up to you though.