here is this insane python maze that I found and I could not for the life of me get through it. Here is the link: let me know what you guys think of this insane adventure because I am still baffled by it and would like to one day get through it but man is it frustrating! : )

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WolfSpirit: lol I'm just clicking everything. lol. It's quite ammusing to click everything lol.

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: I tried about 3 times, and couldn't take it any longer. I nearly threw my monitor out the window it was that bad. Grrr...
WHAT IS IT AT THE END OF THIS DAMN MAZE!? If there really is an end...?

Stig: I don't think there is an end to it. They purposely do it to annoy you. Bastards!

The Ex-Leper at 10:14 am January 12

But they have a lsist of people who have made it through and supposedly there is a secret game at the end! maybe its like in the book 1984 with the lottery and nobody really ever wins but they make up the names so that we will keep trying...

arkennedy: I had forgotten about the Pythonet Maze. I tried it once before I discovered Pythonline. Nearly drove me insane, it was fun though :)

CamelSpotter: Haha, I definitely made a flow chart for this years ago, and never managed to figure it out...

The Ex-Leper: GAAAA!!!!!! I am still trying!!!! THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING!!!!! Please if any of you guys have made it through this torturous madhouse PLEEEAAASSEE tell me how you did it!!!

Hanri: Argh! It does exactly what it aims to, drive you slowly mad. MmmAd!