meet groucho!

ok, you know the thread where I asked for a cat-name?
you can scratch that one now...
I was looking for a girl-cat, but I got a boy...
and I have named him groucho!
1) he talks all the time
2) he is cocky to the older lady (my cat I allready had)
3) he walks in a funny way
so its just the cigar, glasses and moustashe left really...
so, here he is in all his glory, my little kitten groucho! not a python-name, I know, but still named after a comedy-star

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Lvndr HppE: That's a good looking cat you've got there. I want to reach through the screen and scratch him behind the ears.

the_thina: thanks for all comments. I will tel him how cute everyone thinks he is. I think he will be much amused (as some members of the royal family so very rarely is)

mrsCutout: Awwww he's so cute!!!!!! Congrats for the name!! :D

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Here cute widdle kitty kitty x3

Dawwww, he's lovely.

Paute: Awww so cute!!
You choose a great name.

Tanya_Birklid19: Aaaaaww, KITTY!!! He's very cute, Thina. Love the name.

J.Gambolputty: Oooh, he looks very cute. Love the colour :)

arkennedy: He's cute.

Hello Groucho :)

Miioo: Aww, he's such a cutiepie :)

Here Comes Another One: Awwww, he is SO adorable, Thina! I'm jealous! How did your other cat react when you brought him home?

the_thina at 6:31 am March 13

yes, he is the cutest little thing! and very cuddely!
well, I would lie if I said they are best friends, a lot of hissing going on at the moment, but they have made much progress since he moved in on wendesday, so I think they will be fine and maybe even friends in a month or so.. I give them time and let them settle who is boss alone. as long as they dont fight I leave them alone

Here Comes Another One at 7:01 am March 13

That sounds normal. Experts say you're supposed to introduce them gradually, but I've done immediate and gradually, and the results were much the same. Sounds like yours are making great progress! :-)

the_thina at 7:15 am March 13

yeah, well gradually could not be done here. well, I could keep them in different rooms, but I only got one cat-toilet... so I just put the girl in the bedroom and close the door when Im going to the shop, otherwise I let them go and do whatever they want. but yeah, it seems like its gonna be ok. they have not tried to kill each other yet anyway. ^^