A Message From HQ (and beyond)!

A year has passed since a dear friend of Monty Python and PythOnline has ceased to be and joind the choir invisible. And there hasn't been a moment we haven't missed him. The awesome man Andrew (aka RSMBiggles) left a print in all our hearts, and we in the Python Army wish to pay him tribute. Plans are being made, different projects are ongoing, and there isn't an end in sight of friendws who wish to combine forces to salute him. We all feel that even though he has shuffled off his mortal coil, his spirit is still alive. And we wish to keep it present. Now is time to raise our glasses and let him see from above that we still love him.

The mash here is made with him way back and was too washed away during the big site update.

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Paute: Wow... love the Python Arms shield

Lady and Laird Candermine: i didn't get to know RSMBiggles ... awe... condolances to you all...

Johnnyrose: Good old RSMBiggles... it's been a year allready?.... We miss you, Sir...