Messed with Michael

Was fun I must say. I'll work more on the eyes and put a supernatural glow to them but I just couldn't get it right today :(
What a beautiful man, gee whiz.

***This is a repost edit deal. This is more what I was going for. A painting. But his mouth is a bit crazy cause I had to knock my resolution down by quite a bit to get the effect I was looking for.
Man, I need a cold shower. Unfuckingbelievable!

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pythongeek03: Lovely picture April!!! Your Hugh Laurie one was to die for :P

Oh Your No Fun Anymore

Lady April at 1:29 pm January 26

Hugh Laurie - this one! I was successful in doing what I wanted to do with Hugh but I can't seem to get Michael to do what I want him to do. :D