Met Eric Idle in Hollywood and Spotted him the other night in LA

Met Mr. Idle at the closing of his show "An Evening Without Monty Python" at the Ricardo Montalban Theater in LA. Show was tremendous. I asked him how he and Alan Tudyk ever managed to memorize all the dialogue for the Mr. Smokestoomuch sketch. He responded with "Well it's tough, we're the only two performers ever to do it so," I could tell he wanted to get out. It was afterall a cast party and he just dallied long enough to hob knob with the theater staff.

Then two nights ago, I spotted him again at the Dorothy Chandler Pavillion at an Opera Recital. He was there with I believe his wife, who looks like a naughty J.K. Rowling, who am I kidding? Jo Rowling is a completely filthy streetwalker. I do love her so. Anyway, I wished to talk to Eric again, but I also didn't want to disturb his evening, so I decided to keep my distance. I reasoned with myself. Hey, you met Eric Idle months ago and got to ask him a Python question. You could have NOT met him at all. Thank you m'luds.

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the_thina: want to meet a python too! and sweet of him trying his best to not be rude. heard him say once that every day for the past 30 years someone has said the words "monty python" to him. I can understand if he gets a bit tired of it all sometimes.

Lady April: Lucky you! I wanna meet a Python.... *sniff sniff*

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