Michael in Around the World in 80 Days Revisited

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mrsCutout: Awwwwww! thanks so much!!!! oh just look at him...*dies* you are realy great!

Paute: Oh.. nice pictures... it´s so cute!

Lady April: Mmmmm lovely photos Jr =) I love them and my fave of his journeys next to Himalaya of course.

WackyQueen: How many countries has he visited? a hundred?
As always, he's gorgeous :D

kisch at 9:21 am January 05

He says, about 95 :)
He'll get to a hundred soon ! Amazing innit.

Johnnyrose at 2:14 am February 01

But he never came to Portugal...

Paute at 1:22 pm February 03

Also Argentina. Are welcome anytime

Kasmira at 4:44 pm January 05

A lucky man who had seen much.

WackyQueen at 7:50 pm January 05

Oh yes! And its amazing how much time he spends on traveling.

Kasmira: :)) By the way... I am currently reading of his report from Finland (from Pole to Pole) and I feel such a embarrashment partly of what I've read... I think he should come here again. Things have changed a lot from the year 1992 (or is it 1993)... Anyway. :P I have to continue reading at evening... Now I feel I should go shopping... Or at least off to centrum, where I could see people :D!

Lady of the Lake at 1:00 pm January 06

Neil Hardwick and Lasse Lehtinen are lucky guys! I would like to be in sauna with Michael.

Kasmira at 1:21 pm January 06

Oh, they were??? I'd be a volunteer to join sauna with Mike, too!

kisch at 6:39 am January 05

It was 1991. Wait until you read about *my* country (it's the next on the way - Russia) and you will realise that things were not at all bad in Finland compared to us LOL
Still, I'm not embarrassed at all. Michael still liked my city ! (It was still called Leningrad then).

Kasmira at 4:42 pm January 05

Right... I'll continue my reading tomorrow, because I forgot to do it tonight and right now i'm too tired (and after few ciders, it's maybe better not to read tonight)...

Lady April at 9:13 am January 05

He kissed Lenin's foot..... sweet, drank lots of vodka!

Kasmira at 4:39 pm January 05

Did he get wasted? :D OOOH YEAH!

Lady April at 6:26 pm January 05

He got pretty shit-canned in Russia! Was a silly little lush too =P

Kasmira at 12:48 pm January 06

oh.. really want to see that :D unexpected drunkenness i think.

Kasmira at 6:16 am January 05

Or this can be something to do with hidden acenda... oopsie, I told you too much :D

But yeah, I'd travel too very pleasently around the world... who wouldn't?! :)

Lady and Laird Candermine: Lovely... luck.. that!!!!

thewastelandr: Lucky Michael!