Michael with a globe (again)

Michael with another globe in his role as President of Geographical Society

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christinah3000: merci

although it does not make sense to me, why someone posts the pic on a blog and then again in the gallery. reposts are a bit weird, especially if the picture gets posted nearly on the same day!?

Lancaster Bomber at 4:54 pm October 08

Just to give you the benefit of the doubt after my post (below) I checked the Michael Palin gallery. All 33 pages. This image and the book signing image do not appear (I apologise for the cat image - that was page 17 and I was clearly too lazy to get that far, thinking it was a new photo)

However, in September I clearly remember logging on to find 3 pages full of posts by SirDouglas, all of which were images which could have been obtained by screen dumps from programmes by any Python fan. None of them were new to me - nor I doubt new to anyone else. Yet they brought forth no comment from you.

Please explain why I have been singled out for criticism - I do not take kindly to it.

Lancaster Bomber at 4:01 pm October 08

As a newbie I was excited by a site with so many members then surprised by the lack of voters in the election for the new MSN. Apathy I thought at first BUT NO. Now I understand why - with self righteous prats like yourself, with no patience or any thought of offering help or guidance to learners and complaining about mistaken posts. Thank goodness there are people on this site who (like the whole ethos of Python) are not so narrow minded. Extract your head from your arse.

Hanri at 10:52 pm October 08

This has been handeled wrong. On behalf of the site and Python Army I aggologize the way you've been treated. I love Christinah, as I do love every member here, old and new, but the aggression is totally uncalled for.

During the past there had been A LOT of discussion over double images and and a lot of tiring reminding for to check the Gallery first and then tag all posts. And I think you HAVE checked the Gallery as you said, I'm not doubting that, and I believe you've tagged your posts.

Am I getting the right impression if I say this was only the "drop too many" in the sea of all this double posting and you just got caught in the crossfire? SirDouglas can verify, that I've adviced him about the image thing.

I am EXTREMELY happy, that you as a new member have been (and hopefully will continue to be!) this active, many of the new and old members remain to keep to themselves and just observe. Which isn't that drastic when you think about it, I was one of them for a few of the first months.

I hope we can solve this and not make it into a public dissing on any sides, it's not a question of freedom of speech but just good manners.


Hanri, Regimental Sergeant Major II
Python Army HeadQuarters

Lancaster Bomber at 12:07 pm October 09

to you and everyone else for my last post. And thanks for your post stepping in Hanri. Not much of an excuse I know, but it was late at night here and I was well drunk when I logged on to look at the site. I was amazed to find a Python fan like that - never come across one in 40 years of meeting likeminded people since Python was first televised.

I'll be seeing Mike after his talk at Cheltenham tomorrow so will have a laugh with him about it. (connection with him not through Python but through Geographical Society)

As I mentioned though there are people such as Mrs Flopsy who have been very patient with me and have been improving my IT skills, such as introducing me to MSN, teaching me about Vista etc. That's not an easy task at my age.

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