Michael Palin and Jane Milligan

Please click on the image for the effect.

I found a website dedicated to Spike Milligan:


For those who may not know Spike was a member of the Goon Show,which Michael used to listen to as a child.

The two images I used for this gif are from the Spike Milligan Legacy site.

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mrsCutout: Ah yes they love Spike Milligan!There was a documentary once about michael that conteined some parts of the Goon show! It was Pretty good!

kisch: Not only Michael but all the Pythons were fans of The Goons.
I never got around to actually listen to any of their recordings, but I will one day.

kisch at 2:59 am November 21

PS - I love how Michael is always putting his hands in his pockets. I dunno why, I just love it.

Lady April at 11:58 am November 21

I have a theory but I'll keep my naughty thoughts to myself ;-P

Mrs.Pewtie at 2:56 pm September 12

Hear hear! XD
Oh my, I looked at the picture, and I just couldn't help but think, "Oh you sweet thang".

Ahem, but I must not think such naughty things! Though I did read what the others thought...

kisch at 1:19 pm November 21

Oh come on, love, it's not fair:)
Please tell us !;))

mrsCutout at 1:01 pm November 21

Haha no please share them with us!! ;)

the_thina at 2:32 pm November 21

he is paying pocket-pingis? XD oh crap, dont blame me, apri said A and I only told B, it comes from her dirty mind, NOT MINE! XD

Lady April at 4:03 pm November 21

BINGO!!!!! The boy gets excited. No wonder the loose fitting pants and pocket pang!
LMAO - I am soooo sorry.... ...

kisch at 2:37 am November 22

oh dear.
I never thought of that:) I thought he puts his hands in the pockets because of the shynes. that's why I always do that, anyway:))

Lady April at 11:46 am November 22

Kischy hun my mind is on dirty autopilot! I just "go there", I am on the naughty thought before I even realize what hit me!

kisch at 12:16 pm November 22

*in Sybil Fawlty's voice*
Oh I know...


the_thina at 2:44 am November 22

haha. over here a politician was caought on camera doing just that last year. XD check this out and I garantee it will make you giggle: http://www.bubblare.se/movie/lars_ohly_spelar_fickpingis2

the_thina at 4:15 pm November 21

haha. yeah. unmotivated erections cant be the funniest thing around. not from what my male friends tells me anyway, but its fun when they get them to tease them for it. haha, evil me! XD

Lady April: Wish I was the kid of someone awesome too then Michael might pose with me...