Michael Palin on The Culture Show, 22 Oct 2009

Somebody here asked the other day what is The Culture Show, so here it is, enjoy.
Michael is entertaining as always. And lovely. And charming.

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Great find! Thanks for sharing :)

I've just realised something. In late 2006, The Culture Show did a kind of 'special' in which they dedicated the entire show to Michael Palin, when he published his first edition of his diaries. It was on youtube for sometime, but it's not there anymore. I would love to find it and show it to you guys. All 45 minutes of it.

kisch at 10:06 am November 06

It was on YouTube indeed, and I downloaded it while it was there. When I got my old HD plugged in, I'll find it and will try to share it with you, because it's a treasure of a programme !

Lady April at 10:10 am November 06

Kischy hon, I love you *kiss kiss*

housepet1 at 10:08 am November 06

Thank you kischy, you're a star! Can't wait!

housepet1 at 3:02 pm November 05

I'd love to see that as well!

Lady April at 3:12 pm November 05

Oh ditto me too!!!!!!

Lady April at 3:12 pm November 05


housepet1 at 3:23 pm November 05

hahahhahahhahaha *snort*

housepet1: My favorite moment of this video is when the lady says to him "I LOVE you!!! I have all the Monty Python tapes", and when he says "I'm too normal to be a director". My TWO favorite moments... :-)

Lady April at 11:11 am November 05

That "I love you" thing is one of my fave parts of "Around The World in 80 Days". It cracks me up!

kisch at 11:28 am November 05

This kinda cracks me up too, but I also feel a bit embarrassed when she asks him to do the stammer. Weird lady. What was she thinking ?!! He got out of that gracefully as ever, though:)

housepet1 at 11:22 am November 05

He is a treaj!!! I'd vote for him to be President!

Lady April at 11:51 am November 05

Thats one President I'd love to get caught doing bad things to!
Uhm.... how does one become a White House intern??

housepet1 at 12:19 pm November 05

Sleep with the right people...

Lady April at 12:23 pm November 05

Whore myself to the top? Oh crap!

housepet1 at 12:30 pm November 05

How did YOU think it was done? An honest ladder climbing? Puh-leeze!

Lady April at 12:33 pm November 05

I really just wanted to believe the world was a better place than the dark and scary world I know it as.... hmph! I would just rather assume Michael Palin as being a beautiful experience!

housepet1 at 12:40 pm November 05

Yes, I thank the Universe each day for having and creating such beauty! All the other stuff... just doesn't exist.

Lady April at 12:42 pm November 05

or wish it didn't have to anyway....

Lady April: Oh he is just fabulous! Kischy thanks so much for posting this!!!

kisch at 10:41 am November 05

Spread the love that's what I call it:)))
I always appreciate it when people take time to upload some stuff for everyone to see, so I do that myself whenever I can.
He's so fine, Lady A., isn't he...................?

Lady April at 10:54 am November 05

Oh my God! He is so vereh.... *slurrrp* FINE!!!

housepet1 at 10:56 am November 05

Oh yes, yes he IS!!! I don't care if he is 66, I'll travel with him to the end of the world!

kisch: Part 2

kisch at 7:25 am November 04


housepet1 at 10:51 am November 04

Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!!!

marga at 9:55 am November 04