Michael Palin (family)

Do you got pictures of Michael Palin and Family send it please! :D

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Mrs Attila the Hun 93:

Well, since you asked... ;)

Mike at some weird event thingy with Helen (far right, I think)

Lady April: whos that lady? ^^^

kisch at 9:53 am January 22

Tis deffo not dear Helen...
But in THIS vid you can see her. And Michael. It's a very sweet video from 18 May 2002, when Michael opened a cinema in Southwold. Unfortunately embed is banned for that vid, but still here it is. You can see Michael and Helen holding hands and you can go AWWW at the sight of that:) I know I did.

Lvndr HppE at 8:55 pm January 22

Yes, it was very sweet to see the two holding hands. Now, if only we could convince him of polygamy so that Lady April and I can have a go at him. :-P

The Ex-Leper at 8:51 pm January 22

I love it when old married couples in their late years still hold hands It is so cute!!

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 10:16 am January 22

Thanks for teh link!
And yes I did go 'AWWW' when they held hands. They make the perfect couple ^^ It's so sweet.
And they've been married for about 44 years too!

kisch at 9:57 am January 22

Also, I've found an article from that time. With piccies !

The Ex-Leper at 8:55 pm January 22

uhh! he is such an amazing man!!!

mrsbeethoven at 10:45 am January 22

Thanks Kisch. I've seen the website before but not the video. That was sweet.