Michael Palin: A Life in Pictures

A bit old, but don´t cares.

Here is the video http://bcove.me/sl40i9hr

Watch Michael Palin discuss his award-winning career in a special BAFTA A Life in Pictures event at the Cambridge Film Festival in association with Screen East.

In the stunning setting of Ely Cathedral, Palin talks to film critic Mark Kermode about working as a performer, writer and broadcaster for over 30 years. With selected film clips, this exclusive BAFTA webcast brings you personal insight into his remarkable body of work.

Highlights include Palin recalling the challenges of turning the Python sketches into a big screen venture for The Holy Grail and his shock at beating Robert De Niro to the part of Jack Lint in Terry Gilliam’s dystopian fantasy Brazil.

He goes on to discuss the darkness, introversion and anxiety that lies at the source of many of his characters before exploring the secret to making good comedy.

Good comedians look beyond the surface; they don’t take things at face value... They see what an absurd place we’re in.

Our partners at FILMCLUB took some young people to see the Michael Palin event.

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TheRealGilliamFan: Awesome. Watching it right now :D I've never seen this before!!

Colonel Daughter: I watched 2 or 3 times at the time - I really loved the bit about de niro and the location of the interview!!

Tanya_Birklid19: Loved it!! Such a brilliant man and love him to bits. Truely a magnificent actor. Thanks for posting!!

Paute at 11:56 am December 21

You´re welcome!

mrsCutout: Ah! Yeah seen this!! Excellent!!! I loooove Mike! And ofcourse he beat him! Mikey is such a brilliant actor appart from a great comedian!Plus...he\s Mike!!