Michael Palin at Phoenix Cinema


Thought you might like to know that Michael Palin is hosting an event at The Phoenix Cinema in North London on Thursday 8th April with a screening of American Friends.

Michael is a patron of the Phoenix and is giving his time to help support the cinema's Restoration Project.

After the screening Michael will do a question and answer session so this will allow you to ask him questions directly.

Tickets are £25 / £23 concessions and can be booked here http://tiny.cc/9n9sp or call 020 8444 6789.


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Lvndr HppE: Oh, man. I've gotta get this movie now. I love that era, (especially the way the women dressed back then) and according to her hair in 1:40, I would be so stylish during that time.

Kasmira: aaah... lovely video (except the song... it was horrible), I want to see that movie! Michael looks amazing ... And that lucky bast... girl who act with Michael... That kiss was something :)

upperclasstwit: I got this movie! I have been waiting to see it for forever, but all I could find were DVD's out of my region.. I just found it on VHS, and Its a screener video.. But I don't care.. I finally get to see it!!!

upperclasstwit: I wish he would come back to the states, He was an hour away from me in 07 ( Massachusetts) and I didn't 't know it til after he was gone again...*Sighs*

thewastelandr at 5:39 am March 24

You're in MA too?? So am I!

upperclasstwit at 10:11 pm March 24

Yep.. Western mass.. I'm closer to Boston then Albany but only by like 20 mins..

thewastelandr at 10:20 pm March 24

Oooh ok. I'm in Boston - Watertown area. That is so cool! Did you grow up here?

upperclasstwit at 10:23 pm March 24

Yep all my life!! I can complain about the snow, and the muggy summers til I turn blue, but I know deep down I'd be lost in I lived anywhere but here!!

thewastelandr at 5:43 am March 25

Yeah there is SO much rain here! I'm from the midwest, so it's a lot different for me, but I enjoy it. That's so cool! Good to meet fellow Massachussians...

thewastelandr: Ugh, I HATE that song so I had to turn it off, but that is so cool he is doing that!

Lady April at 9:28 am March 24

Didn't like the song either son I turned it down and just watched in silence... *sigh*

thewastelandr at 2:33 pm March 24

Yeah I should do that.

Lady April: Yet another Michael event I have to miss =( Sounds great though! Thanks for posting this =)

Lady April at 4:19 pm March 23

...and OH I LOVE that movie! A favourite in my collection!

mrsCutout at 6:40 am March 24

what movie is that? please tell me please!!It looks a bit dramatic! And yes i know how you feel i am miles and miles away! :'(

Lady April at 9:27 am March 24

It is called "American Friends" A movie Michael wrote based on his grandparents meeting in the 19th century. It is dramatic and very good!

mrsCutout at 1:44 pm March 26

Oh thanks so much I'll definatelly take awww!