Michael Palin Yorkshire Connections Quiz

Thought I might try to make a quiz for anyone who is interested. The idea is to identify the 10 links in my home county of Yorkshire to Michael Palin.

1 point for identifying the exact link
1 extra point for each if you can add an extra piece relevant information.
So 20 total points available (oooh my brain hurts). Send a pm with your answers

Hope its not too easy ! (Click the image to get it full size)

I can offer a prize - a signed copy of his new diaries "Halfway to Hollywood"

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mrsCutout: Bradford?What about 14th bradford film festival and him getting an award? He was born in shefield i know that and now bout York does it have to do something with his travel documentaries? He played with alan bennett in wind in the willows.Geoffrey Boycot is a player of mikey's fav team Sheffield wednesday?

mrsCutout at 12:51 pm November 20

Wrong Boycott was a cricket player in yorkshire but i dunno what he has to do with michael but shefield wednesday is his fav team!

mrsCutout at 1:01 pm November 20

hawes is related to the cheese shop sketch and wenslaydale cheese? the picture no.9 is from the four yorkshiremen sketch and that is all i know! not enough eh? damn i want that book so badly!!!!!!!

arkennedy: Great idea for a quiz :) I know he was born in Sheffield, but beyond that I'm can't identify the other links.

the_thina: oh I want to so bad but I dont know that very much about him, and I know absolutely nothing about engands geography nor the other pepole that are clues. :(

kissmyarrrtichoke: He was born in Sheffield, got on a train to York, was in the four yorkshiremen sketch??

Lady April: Dayam, I love that guy and I really love his work and I CAN call myself a fan but I don't know everything there is to know about Michael Palin. I am not ashamed to say so either.

CamelSpotter: I love the idea, but I simply don't know enough! Shame, indeed.

BroMaynardG: I'm still trying to finger out the bus schedule in Massawhosville!

My brain hurts enough as it it, but I promise to return and at least find out the "funny bits".

kisch: I will not participate for the book (we've already got one, you see:))), but I can name at least 6 connections out of 10. And I call myself a fan ! Shame...

mrsCutout: don't say that! I'm from greece will it be too hard for me to participate?beacause i want that book so badly haha!

Lancaster Bomber: Well so much for that idea - a complete failure which was a bit disappointing. To paraphrase Ali G "Is it 'cos I is Yorkshire ?)