Here it is,Michael's autograph,as you,Kisch,asked for)))) unfortunately,this autograph isn't mine,but I hope what sometime...*dreaming up*)))))

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Lady and Laird Candermine: I hope you get your very own Zoot... good luck!!!!

Zoot just Zoot at 7:57 pm May 21

Thank you! You always says such pleasure words to me))) God knows how I HOPE to meet him.... Will live,will see))))

Tanya_Birklid19: I still love the one I got from him. But it would be nice to meet him, get an autograph, and get your picture taken with.

Lvndr HppE at 3:16 pm May 20

Exactly! The trifecta of celebrity encounters!

Lvndr HppE: I love that he did the Its man for his autograph. See, that's the kind of autograph I want. I don't want an autograph that's mailed to me. I wanna meet the person, get an item autographed and take a picture with the person. Kind of the trifecta of celebrity encounters.

the_thina at 5:43 pm May 20

yeah, but Im so fucking shy I would not DARE to walk up to anyone in python-size IRL. (with python-size I mean anyone I adore that much, not just the acctual pythons but some others as well) I would just stare with a open mouth and almost piss myself and then hate myself forever for not daring to walk up to them

Zoot just Zoot at 8:27 pm May 20

I'm the same shy as you! And it's so...bloody bad! But,thank God,my twin-sister Id (actually she isn't my twin-sister,she is my friend)))) isn't shy like you and me,this autograph she's got few years ago at booksigning in London.She's so brave what she asked Michael "Can I hug you?",and he said "OK".... After that I think we must fight our shy))))

the_thina at 8:42 pm May 20

yeah, it really is a curse beeing shy, isent it? always tripping over my words and blush and act stupid in general.

Zoot just Zoot at 7:48 pm May 21

we just need to say to ourself "This is your moment,Arthur Pewtey!")))) of course,it's a trouble being shy,but when you see SUCH a person,you can do nothing with yourself.... This is similar when you need to jump from a great height...))))

the_thina at 11:15 pm May 21

hahaha, well, exept my name is nor arthur nor pewety. :P
yeah I know... I saw my big big big BIG musical hero at the subway once. I had a t-shirt with him on it on me at the time. he sat like 3 seats away. and I could not move. just sat there like an idiot. I am still trying to tell myself I didnt go up to him because he looked tired and pissed off... but.... FUCK! it was THÅSTRÖM! oh stupid stupid me. *sniff*
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OWAljwTfqTI the man who sings here.... ooooh!

Lvndr HppE at 8:27 pm May 24

I once saw a Broadway star at a store with his boyfriend. I didn't go up to him either. Turns out that I ran into him again a couple of months ago and got a picture with him.

Paute: Wow!! I´m jelous...

kisch: Oh, thank you! Now I can see it, wow!
It does look very rushed, though:)

Zoot just Zoot at 1:03 pm May 20

На здоровье!)) ( to your heart's content!)))) I think it looks expressive and lovely,yes! Anyway,it's better than "Arthur Figgis (accounter)",though;)))

kisch at 1:20 pm May 20

Na zdrovje - Michael knows this words. And "spasibo" he should also remember quite well.
Yes, I think it's better than Arthur Figgis:))

the_thina: haha, the "its" bit is hysterical!
looks like his signature has changed over the years as well, the one I got looks much more.... "sloppy".

thewastelandr: It's!!! Lovely!

thewastelandr: It's!!! Lovely!