Mikey Palin WXRT Advert.

Wow! Gotta see this, even if it is only for 30 seconds.

Taken from 1989. Enjoy :D

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mrsCutout: Omg i just saw this! Hahaha mazing! Yummy! Mickey!!

a_nervous_wreck: I would hate to be the pizza... but I would absolutely love it at the same time! XD

Lvndr HppE: Wow. I'm thinking of playing my records over and over so they'll become pizzas. :-P

the_thina at 1:49 pm January 12

well, its no fun if they are records you like (unless you are REALLY hungry) and with the ones you dont like its no fun hearing them over and over. gotta be a better way to get a pizza... wait... I know! A PIZZERIA!

Lvndr HppE at 5:56 pm January 19

lol. Well, these days, records aren't much good when you've got ipods and mp3 players. So, why not make them into pizzas?

the_thina at 10:27 pm January 19

may be so, but my favourite music I want on real records. not on the hard-drive of a computor that might crash without any warnings at any time.

Holly: Oh, I love it.

Here Comes Another One: I love the way he says 'shiny'! Great post - thanks for putting it up here, I'd never seen that before!

Not that late: Thanks for posting... ¬¬ what is he advertising? a radio station? is that a pizza? I no understand!

the_thina at 2:30 pm January 07

well, too young to remember that over-played vinyl-records turned into pizzas? haha. no honestly, its a strange and not very funny joke, but I think I kinda understand it... maybe. haha