The Minefield of Python Quoting

I am a Monty Python quoter. Their comedy is so diverse as to be applicable in a million situations, and so many things occur to me! But what happens if you just get a scene stuck in your head? Last night all I could think of was: 'Don't shoot - we're not a tiger!' And how does one apply that innocently to a conversation?

Answer: you don't. You apply self-control. Or in my case, you just say: 'Don't shoot - we're not a tiger!'

My brother's worse. He recites 'Find The Fish' randomly, several times a day.

So what I want to know is, what's the Python quote/s that you use most? And which quotes are unquotable?

I find I modify 'How do you know she is a witch?' a lot. Usually if anyone says 'it looks like one!' But I was looking through the various editions of silly newspapers that I've written for my family, and there's a lot more Python in there than I thought: not copying sketches, or direct references, or even particular influence, just slightly modified quotes. They get in the psyche!

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J.Gambolputty at 8:38 am October 25

:D hahaa, that cantine thing is a good one
And here too: most of my friends don't understand what I'm saying if I quote something longer than couple of words..

Here Comes Another One at 6:31 pm October 25

Oh, I do envy you bilingual people. Once I'm living back home (I'm English & live in Australia now) I want to travel thru Europe & pick up languages as I go.

J.Gambolputty: Here are some of the most ordinary ones I do..
I say "Lemon Curry?" at least two or three times in one day. Well, maebye not every day, but almost. And "Don't shoot - we're not a tiger!" is fantastic. I do that to my friend and she just doesn't get it at all. And then there's "I wish to register a complaint. Hello Miss?" which I do a lot.. and I also like "Nowbody expects the spa.. oh, bugger!"
When someone says to me "what is she/he doing?" or something like that, I usually say: "He's pining for the fjords.."

Here Comes Another One at 6:39 am October 25

Haha, that's so awesome! Another one that I do a lot is 'wiiiiith ... a herring!' And 'The same!' Both Knights of Ni. I don't know why Holy Grail is so particularly quotable, but it is. (In the same sense that Mount Everest is, and Alma Cogan isn't. See? That's another very frequent one!)