That Mitchell and Webb Look

Sometimes you find by an accident something when you just watching tv without any good reason. Well, this "That Mitchell and Webb Look" was... how can I explain it... Not THAT good but at times it gives me gigglings. I don't know is it common that now a days british comedy is so clearly pythonish like that was... Although I like Flying Circus for that it's a funny kind of clumsy (a minimum budget and very obvious crack ups because they hadn't a change to make new takes)
I read a few random comments about this series and people are very agreeded that The Peep Show was better than TMAWL. Maybe I got to find out what kind of series it is. I have only heard the name.
I got a new mission here, to watch more british comedy series. :) So, let me know some good ones.

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Lady and Laird Candermine:


Lady April at 9:18 am January 05


sit-on-my-face at 3:00 pm January 07

No way. Mine.

Lady April at 4:43 pm January 07

I had dibs!!!!!!!!

WackyQueen at 6:29 pm January 07

Does anyone see the resemblance between Jeeves and Marc St. James in "Ugly Betty"?
I'd go for Jeeves. :)

Lady and Laird Candermine: Two US citizens here who just discovered... those two misfits up well...
"Oh... and that's a bad miss..." but it's not... loved the banana dance and
I really like Sir Digby Chicken Ceasar.... we enjoyed em...
we cannibalized all the brit shows that we can... shows already mentioned...
we've reached as far a back as The Goon Show... excellent radio maddness and inspirational papa's for the pythons!!!
We also like.. though milder works of silliness... Waiting for God... and Good Neighbors...
Little Britain took us away last year... oh.. that was fun...
"Yeah, I know!!!!"

WackyQueen: Peep Show is a bit better, that show takes awkwardness to a new level! xD
Two Ronnies, all Fry and Laurie shows, Fawlty Towers, OFAH, Ripping Yarns, The thin blue line, Yes Minister, Q, Allo Allo, Blackadder, The Frost Report, Vicar of Dibley.. Puh!

thewastelandr at 11:11 am January 04

I love Blackadder and The Frost Report! Will have to check out some of the others. Oh and obviously Ripping Yarns - delightful! Are the others you mentioned current?

WackyQueen at 9:10 am January 05

What do you mean? If they still run? :)

thewastelandr at 2:57 pm January 05

Yes exactly.

WackyQueen at 7:48 pm January 05

I don't think Q is running anywhere, but the others are running, though not frequently.. :/

thewastelandr at 12:13 pm January 07

Ok. I'm sure most are available on DVD. Thanks for the tips!! I love new shows. :)

Hanri: I agree, I liked The Peep Show a little more, but this one has many "moments". Have you watched "A bit of Fry and Laurie"? Marvellous. :)

Kasmira at 1:29 pm January 03

No I haven't. Oh my! So much good stuff and so little money.... Money! Cash! Yeah, right here, I need it :D

Hanri at 1:39 pm January 03

Luckily lot of ABOFAL can be found on YouTube.. And lot of them are recorded from YLE1 lol. I bought mine from if my memory serves me right, but "Jeeves and Wooster" has been on sale for quite awhile.

Another for brainless giggles is "The Fast Show". :)

Kasmira at 1:58 pm January 03

alright then. i like to watch them on telly more likely than via youtube. i assumed i'm staring at my laptop screen in any case too much xD

Hanri at 1:09 am January 04

Hehehehe. But isn't it nice to know there's something to look forward to? Like compiling a collection, huge fun. :) That reminds me, I gotta find Thin Blue Line somewhere. Haven't yet set eyes on even one dvd.

Britcom is and endless swamp, you know? ;)

Kasmira at 2:35 am January 04

Yes it is... I think I keep up the Pythons just a while. Before I get addicted some other troup or person... :D I hope I never get bored of Python, because in this time, I have a lot fun with them. But the real thing is, life changed and so do people. :P

Mrs Attila the Hun 93: Hmmm, let me think.
My Dad likes watching Not the Nine O'Clock News and Blackadder. He says they're funny, but I'm not sure...
The Two Ronnies is pretty good and Fawlty Towers is brilliant.
Ripping Yarns is great too and Only Fools and Horses is funny, but only occasionally.
Little Britain is very much influenced by Monty Python. I used to like it, but not anymore.

And that's all I can think of at the moment. Enjoy the Britishness :)!

Kasmira at 1:26 pm January 03

And yes, I've seen parts of Fawlty Towers on youtube and it'll be next in my shopping list if we are talking about my MP collection ... Cleese is a genious.

Kasmira at 1:20 pm January 03 This was the one I laughed so hard watching it! It brings my mind John Cleese in The Holy Grail, isn't it? And the idea here of this sketch seems to get straight by Life of Brian... Religion make people dumb. :P

Mrs Attila the Hun 93 at 2:43 am January 04

Ha, so it does!
You must sacrifice your son... Ivan... no, Isaac.
What a brilliant idea, Lord! XD

By the way, I am religious, just to let you know :D

Kasmira at 2:49 am January 04

Yes, I don't think everyone of religious people are dumb. No, no... That's not a point. But I stand behind Life of Brian's ideology. It could happen some of the people, it happened me years and years ago, when I was so much younger... I was really in that thing and stopped to think of me as individual...
Nowadays, I'm agnostic... :P

Kasmira: Ideology thing maybe? :) I'm sorry my dummyness.