A fundraising evening for Theatre Colwyn with Terry Jones

Terry Jones, comedy legend and former Monty Python, will make a special appearance at Theatr Colwyn on April 12.

Terry, patron of the venue, will be guest of honour at screening of the Python film ‘The Life of Brian’ – which he directed and starred in.

Following the screening, there will be an opportunity for fans to find out more about Terry’s career in a 30minute question and answer session.

April 12th 2010 7pm £10


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Lvndr HppE: Is it just me, or does he look like he could be the principal of a high school in this picture?

Paute at 2:17 pm April 03

Jajaja yes.. he likes that!

the_thina: Im born in not only the wrong generation but also the wrong countery. :(

Paute at 2:10 pm April 02

Me too!. Here don´t come "He´s not the messiah!". Damn and distant country!!!
Soo sad, very very sad!

MontyPythonrocks18: aww that sucks. I already saw him LIVE already lol so im not to bummed. but still its sucks they cant to more visits to our hometowns eh? ;/

kisch: Oh damn......... Michael in London on 8th, Terry in Clowyn on 12th....... and I'm missing BOTH.
Oh well.

Thank you for the information, I hope we can at least see photos...