Monty Python: Almost the Truth the Lawyer's Cut and Other Birthday Rantings

For my birthday my mom got me "Monty Python Almost the Truth: The Lawyer's Cut" and "The Other British invasion", when I got it in the mail, my jaw dropped, it wasn't even on my wish list and was a pleasant surprise. I haven't exactly had the time to watch the whole thing (Almost the Truth is 6 hours alone!) and I have been very busy with college, I have 2 exams next week and have a lot of studying to do.

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housepet1: Hey girlie, how are ya? Can we postpone the viewing until tomorrow? Please let me know; I'd hate to leave you sitting there without me... :-(

Lady April at 4:08 pm November 04

Too bad you live absolute polar opposite of the of the country than I or I'd just invite you over to watch it!

housepet1 at 5:12 pm November 04

That would be fun! A Monty Python party!!! :-) I wish I could do that for me birthday...

marga: mine arrived this afternoon! hurray!

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BroMaynardG: It did not embed!

BroMaynardG: I am sure that if I used the Royal We, that the rest of us would truly be embarrassed.

This one's for you, a little late!

Lady April: Awesome birthday present for sure!!!!! I certainly had a similar birthday experience this year as well when a fellow P-liner sent me a package and I nearly died when I opened it!!!! To my HUGE surprise there was a "Life of Python DVD set and a Lumberjack Mikey doll!!! WOOHOO!!! so Happy Birthday!!!!!!

housepet1 at 9:33 am October 30

Oooooh, lucky Lady April and very lucky themontyfreak!!! Happy Birthday and enjoy The Lawyer's Cut! I want to see it so badly... *sigh*

themontyfreak at 9:35 am October 30

I could attempt to show it in a video chat if you like (skype, windows messenger etc), it might not work, but I guess it is worth a try

housepet1 at 10:04 am October 30

I'd love to, only I'm not sure how that works. I have skype etc.

themontyfreak at 12:59 pm October 30

you can add me and then set up a date and time to watch it via webcam

housepet1 at 1:41 pm October 30

will do!

themontyfreak at 12:35 pm October 31

What program would you prefer to watch it on?

housepet1 at 8:42 am November 01

What is your skype username? I tried themontyfreak but it didn't work. Um, program? Quicktime? Or what ever will work on a Mac...

themontyfreak at 10:57 am November 01

my skype name is themontyfreak, and what I meant by program was which chat messenger should we use

themontyfreak at 12:35 pm October 31

What program would you prefer to watch it on?

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