Monty Python Celebration cakes

Hi all,

With it being my 21st birthday this year the fam have promised me a trip to Doune Castle AND a specially made Python cake... I said I wanted a Doune Castle cake, the "Camelot...Camelot...Camelot....its only a model" scene so we have the knights aswell :)

Was wonderin if anyone here has ever had a Python cake specially made for any occasion? Would love to see some pics...will post pics of mine, and Doune once ive been (which isnt for a few months yet!)

Can't wait to finally go there.....

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Like CamelSpotter, I never had a Python cake either but here is a pic of one I found online once. (I think I found it on Flikr)

Fettle at 1:12 am January 10

Oh my God - I LOVE IT!!! :D :D

The Ex-Leper at 11:30 am January 09

Hahaha! I love the containing Robin's minstrels part...slightly disturbing though...hahaha lmfao

mrsCutout: Wow that must be great i am so happy for you!!!!!!!!Happy 21st!!!!!!!!!!

Holly: I'm a cake decorator, you can have an actual photo printed onto edible rice paper (any bakery should be able to do it, or, you can lay down a sheet of wax paper over the pic & trace it w/ the gel that comes in a tube. Then you just flip it over on the cake & you have a perfect outline to fill in with icing. I prefer using a star tip.

Fettle at 4:42 am January 09

What are the chances! I was thinking of having a tiered cake of Doune castle etc but this is going to prove to be expensive, which i dont mind but my parents arent so keen! Id LOVE a grand Python cake to be proud of but may have to calm my ideas and have the picture cake you have mentioned....I love the design below (maybe without the tits! lol) but my particular favourite pic is this one so may have this on top and maybe the branded writing (as below) going round the edges....

Holly at 11:35 am January 09

That would look great. Now I just want to make a cake...I'll make my sister one for Monday, & since she doesn't get Monty Python, it'll just have to be my b-day cake. We always both get one anyways...we don't share well.

Holly: I'm a cake decorator, if you have a picture you'd like to have put on a cake, there is edible rice paper & any bakery should be able to print it for you, or you could take a piece of wax paper & lay in over the pic & trace it w/ the gel that come in a tube. you flip it over on the cake & you have a perfect outline to fill in w/ icing. I prefer using a star tip.


Happy 21st!

Here's one I found a while back. I've never had a Python cake myself, though!
I love the topic, as it actually happens to be my birthday today. :)

The Ex-Leper at 11:31 am January 09

wow i think this may just be the most innappropriate cake I have ever seen! hahaha

Kasmira at 12:01 pm January 07

That's gorgeous... ! Looks so delicious... yay, tits! ;)

sit-on-my-face at 11:32 am January 09

I like the sugar-made gumby!!