Monty Python cheese journey!

As a graduate gastronomy student taking an artisan cheese class this semester, I am giving myself an assignment - to try all the cheeses mentioned in Monty Python's cheese sketch! Has anyone tried any, and what do they think? I mean, obviously we have all had parmesan, cheddar, mozzarella, gorgonzola, etc. But any of the crazy ones, a la Venezuelan beaver cheese? I'm anxious to hear! I'm trying to do them in order, but some are very hard to find, even in Boston!

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thewastelandr: Ok this is hilarious... the other day during my cheese class, the professor (who I have a huge crush on, btw) said that if he had a TV in his cheese shop, the staff would insist on playing the Monty Python cheese sketch on repeat. To describe the cheese sketch, he said, "You know, the one where Eric Idle and the tall guy..." to which I interjected "John Cleese!" I didn't bother to correct his Eric Idle mistake, but I thought it was hilarious because how often did Eric get called Michael?? So funny! Just thought I'd share. It made me love him even more... hahaha

the_thina at 5:33 am April 13

hahaha. and now you gave me a good reason for posting this one. and falling in love with teachers. not a good one, but I did that when I was 16. and it did not help that my best friend pointed out to me that he always gave me long looks. then it turned out he had a wife and 3 small kids... not very fun at all.

thewastelandr at 7:17 am April 13

I love that photo! Yeah I like to imagine he is giving me long looks, but it's all in my head I'm sure! He's also married with two kids. But there is no harm in dreaming!

the_thina at 7:25 am April 13

haha, yeah I do too. but its a bit like a inside joke, dont think many pepole who not are devoted python-fans even would have any reaction to it.
nope, no harm in dreaming, but dont go and have your heart broken little girl

thewastelandr at 7:26 am April 13

That hasn't happened to me in a long time. Crushes are only fun when they are just crushes. Actualized crushes are never what you thought they'd be. I'm a big fan of unrequited love.

the_thina at 7:47 am April 13

I crush very easily. and usually it stops by its own after a while. but in love I havent been for 3 years or so. love hurts too much and is so complicated, so I dont allow myself anymore. sad maybe, but thats how it is. another subject we have been on before I think. but yeah.

thewastelandr at 12:38 pm April 12

(Oh and he said this just after we tasted Emmentaler... also known as Emmental which is one of the cheeses John asks for in the sketch. Connections!)

Holly at 1:57 pm April 12

nice! maybe you should ask him if he'd like to watch it again w/ you :)

thewastelandr at 2:03 pm April 12

Hahaha... over a romantic candlelight dinner... mmmmm

Holly at 9:27 am April 14

with cheese

thewastelandr at 11:24 am April 14

Lots of cheese. He can bring the cheese, I'll bring the wine.


thewastelandr at 9:26 pm March 24

Oooh nice!!! Perfect site! "Still looking for the real thing" ... dang! Now my mission is impossible!

Holly at 9:22 am March 25

unless you catch & milk a beaver....

thewastelandr at 11:47 am March 25

I would have no qualms about doing that. In my class last week, we read an article about breast milk cheese. Anything is better than that... gag.

Holly at 3:03 pm March 25

oh God! that disgusting! I know a lady who would gladly make boobie cheese if she knew how.

thewastelandr at 3:28 pm March 25

Ewwww sick!! That is so gross! Is she an exhibitionist like that? Hahaha... I'm sure it's healthy but GROSS! That's a step too far!

Holly at 9:50 am March 26

yeah she is! We can't go anywhere w/ her w/o her pulling it out. She's pulled it out in front of my Dad! She forces it on that poor baby. The baby is only 6months old & she's bigger then my sister's 1 year old.

thewastelandr at 10:38 am March 26

Oh my gosh! So creepy!!!

Lvndr HppE at 8:42 pm March 26

Geez! Six months old? I think it's time to wean the child.

Holly at 10:10 am March 27

YES! Babies w/ teeth!? no way in hell

thewastelandr at 2:39 pm March 27

That just sounds painful.

The Ex-Leper at 6:58 pm March 27

hahaha I don't know why exactly I found that conversation hilarious but BAHAHAHA!!! and that does seem a super messed up hahahaha

thewastelandr at 11:00 pm March 27

It is, hahahaha.

Holly at 11:59 am March 28

yeah, :) it did take an odd turn


I live in Montréal, Quebec and this has been said as "the best cheese in the world" in 2009. it's called the "Le Cendrillon" and made in Port-Neuf. I'm kind of acting in a patriotic way but it's nice... I'm proud of this cheese (even though I,ve never tasted it!).

thewastelandr at 9:22 pm March 24

Yumm!!! I've heard of it also but never tried it... French cheeses are amazing!!! You should be proud of Canadian cheeses too because they usually follow in the same vein!

sit-on-my-face at 3:02 pm March 25

Québec!!!! Try Oka cheese too, it's quite nice and a great (maybe a bit overrated) pride in here. It's actually made not far from my city!!!
Talking french cheese, I think my favorite of all time (very random here) is extra old mimolette! yummmmmmy enough.

jeremytoogood at 12:48 pm March 28

Yea! Someone else who loves Mimolette! Bright orange and oh so delicous. One of my fav. musicians, Robyn Hitchcock, has a song about cheese called "Cheese Alarm" one of the cheeses he sings about is mimolette.

thewastelandr at 2:40 pm March 27

Yummmm... this is making me hungry! Right now I'm obsessed with mahon, a Spanish cheese.


I had Edam a few days ago in a Latin American corn-bread sandwich called an arepas... YUM!!! It was delicious!

Mrs Premise: I don't think I've ever see beaver cheese anywhere...does it even exist?

I feel inadequate with my cheese experience, the only ones I've tried not mentioned here yet are stilton (which I LOVE) and Cheshire cheese ('cause I live there)

Good luck on your cheesy quest though :-)

thewastelandr at 8:56 am March 24

Yummmm... I haven't yet tried Cheshire. Sounds amazing!! Is it good?

Mrs Premise at 8:58 am March 24

Yeah, I like it (but I'm bound to be bias) it's a really mild cheese though, I tend to like the stronger ones.

Holly: Have you tried the beaver cheese yet?

thewastelandr at 9:30 pm March 23

Not yet... and I haven't asked around about it yet, as I'm trying to go semi-chronologically, but I am VERY excited to see if I can find it! Have you ever seen/tried it??

Holly at 3:50 pm March 24

I've never seen it, but now I'm curious to search for it. My favorite cheese is Canadian Cheddar. Its very very very sharp, but its so good crumbled on a salad.


Tilsit... very much like swiss to me, but a bit more mild. Yummmm. I love cheese.

KenCleanAirSystem: I have tried several of them. Gouda, Edam, Wensleydale (amybe the best of the lot), cheddar, gruyere, red leicester, double gloucester, mozzarella...about all I can recall from the list for the moment.

thewastelandr at 7:51 pm March 18

I'm very excited about Wensleydale. I have tried a good number of them also, but some are very difficult to find! Kind of frustrating!

Holly: I think it's awesome you're taking a cheese class! Cream Havarti Cheese with Dill is really really tastey. But I've gotta admit, I have no interest in ever trying beaver cheese.

thewastelandr at 8:38 am March 14

Eww I know, it just sounds gross! Cream Havarti... yummm! I'll put that next on my list! Dill is so good in cheese - perfect combo!


First of all... Red Leicester! Flakier than cheddar but similar taste. Very nutty. Two thumbs up!

Lvndr HppE at 9:48 pm March 17

That does sound good. Ugh, why did I have to go Vegan????

Holly at 7:15 pm March 18

does that mean you don't eat chocolate!?

Lvndr HppE at 9:47 pm March 21

Chocolate,I can eat. Just has to be dark chocolate.

Holly at 7:21 pm March 23

oh, I could never give up milk chocolate...I have absolutely no self control when it comes to milk chocolate! Damn, now I want chocolate.

thewastelandr at 6:42 am March 18

Oh no!!! Yeah... giving up cheese would be impossible for me! How do you do it??

Lvndr HppE at 9:48 pm March 21

A LOT of will power. (And perhaps a little bit of cheating)