Monty Python Coloring book

These images are the results of an idea I had a while back. I decided to make some Monty Python images that members of Pythonline could print out for their children or themselves (or anyone else they know who might enjoy such things)to color.

I chose a few photos and opened them in an image editor and then I used a sketch filter to make them look like pencil drawings (in some editors certain edge filters, pen filters, pencil filters or charcoal filters can be used for a similar effect).


1: click on the image you want to print out.
2: Print out the image
3: color the image using any colors you want with crayons or markers or pencils
or anything else you want to use.


As for fans of Carol Neil and Connie (of which I'm also one:) but Gilliam and Michael are my favorites) don't worry I haven't forgotten about them. I will be adding images of them to color later on. The images I've posted so far are just to get us started and I'll be adding new images from time to time.

If after printing out any of these images and coloring them if anyone wants to post them in this thread I'd love to see them.

By the way if anyone has any requests for images for me to add to our Python Coloring book please let me know by posting them in this thread and asking me to add them. The images will need to be non-blurry images with no noise and as little shadow as possible.

I've also included a slide show of the images that I had already colored (I don't have a scanner so I had to use a graphics editor to color the images that I've included in the slide-show. Images that are printed colored and then scanned into the computer will probably look better). If you want to see the slide show just click on the image that says "Monty Python Coloring Book"

Edit: I've now added an image of Carol Cleveland, enjoy :) (August 31)
Edit2: An image of Connie and an image of Neil have been added now. (September 1)
Edit3: I've added 2 more images. Dennis Moore (which is my favorite Python Sketch) and Michael and Connie from the Lumberjack Sketch (which is among my favorite python sketches). (September 5)
Edit4: Added new images one from Life of Brian, a group photo, an image from The dead parrot sketch (I couldn't leave that on out) and an image from the Spanish Inquisition. (September 10)
Edit5: I've added two Holy Grail images. (November 29)

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mrsCutout: I have a feeling I've seen this post before and I am pretty sure i had posted but I don't see it so I'll say that it's terrific!HWat a brilliant idea thank you for this!!!!

arkennedy at 8:16 pm September 01

You're welcome, and thanks :)

Johnnyrose: This is great!!! What an excelent idea, arkennedy!! And... yes, don't forget Carol... :0)))

arkennedy at 8:16 pm September 01

Thanks :)

TheRealGilliamFan: what a great idea! :D

arkennedy at 8:14 pm September 01

thanks :)

the_thina: wooooh! this was a great idea, too bad I havent got a printer... or, I have one, but it dont work. :(

arkennedy at 10:23 pm August 29

Thanks :)

Sorry to hear you don't have a printer but perhaps a friend of your will let you use his or hers so you can print them out.

the_thina at 6:06 pm August 30

sadly I dont know anyone near me who have a printer. clostest is my brother, but he live in a whole other part of the countrey. :/

arkennedy at 10:50 pm September 02

The only other options I can think of are printing the pages out at your library (if that's possible) or opening the image in an image editor that lets you create new images and using one of those programs to color the images (like I did for the examples in the animated gif). Where I live you can use the library computers to print things out for around 15 cents a page, but I don't know if all libraries have that option or not.

If you choose to do what I did and use an image editor to color the images my advice to give each brush you use some transparency (I've found it works better that way for the coloring the images).