Monty Python Elimination Game

You know the rules. Make sure you only post one entry a day. You can add 1 point and minus 1 point for each option. When an option reaches 0 points it is evicted from the list. (Try and keep the most recent post on the top.)

I will start the options off at an arbitrary number of points each. Put in brackets what you have done to your chosen option(s) (+1 or -1).

Monty Python ... 1001
Something else ... 1

Best of luck!

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Not that late: Do I detect a little bit of boredom last week arround here?

TheRealGilliamFan: I HATE MATH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Here Comes Another One: LOL - I can play too!

Monty Python - 1003
Something else - (-1)
Just a bit of harmless fun - 1000 (+1000)

TheRealGilliamFan: LOL! Ok, I think I got it now.

Monty Python ... 1001 (+1) = 1002
Something else ... 1 (-1) = 0

Game Over! :D

mrsCutout at 2:59 pm November 09

Good one! Monty Python...1003(+1)
Something else -1(-1)!
Game almost over!